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Cross section of ceramic powder

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Metal matrix composite - AlSiC

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Ceramic tip of dental drill bit

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Cross section of solid oxide fuel cell

Application: Ceramics

Unlock the Answers to your Toughest Ceramics Questions

From surface observation to cross-section imaging and analysis, JEOL Scanning Electron Microscopes and ion beam polishers reveal structural and elemental details to ensure the quality and composition of materials.
Ceramic powders - examine the inner structure and core of the powder as well as the differences between multiple samples.
Complex mixtures - observe quantity and distribution of multiple components, and investigate failures and wear.


JEOL Field Emission SEMs are effectively nanolabs in a single, powerful, smart instrument, with the ability to provide sub100nm scale resolution easily and quickly, navigate to specific areas of a sample, and retain optimum imaging settings for each sample. Additional detectors such EBSD enable easy observation of grain orientation, but the JEOL FE SEM also obtains BSE images at a high resolution while maximizing orientation contrast. The FE SEM combines large beam currents with a small probe size at ANY accelerating voltage.
Learn more about imaging and analysis with the JEOL Field Emission SEMs:

Ion Milling

The JEOL Cross Section Polisher maintains the integrity of the sample for optimal imaging and analysis of grain orientation at a high probe current and low scan rates on a well-polished, flat surface.  
  • Clean polished cross section of hard, soft, and composite materials
  • Clean mirrored surface with minimal strain or distortion
  • Wide area cross sections (up to several mm across)
  • Easy touch panel operation
Learn more about the CP and new Cooling CP.



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