Ultrahigh Resolution Field Emission SEM

JSM-IT800 Series

The JEOL IT800 Ultrahigh Resolution Field Emission SEM is a revolutionary FE-SEM with the most advanced high-resolution analytical technology available today. The JEOL IT800 series offers the next level of analytical intelligence for high spatial resolution imaging and analysis at the nanoscale.

JSM-IT800 Series Ultrahigh Resolution Field Emission SEM


Smart - The IT800 series of Schottky Field Emission SEMs with embedded JEOL Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometers (EDS) streamlines operation and workflow efficiency. Elegant functionality, ultrahigh resolution, and powerful software enable seamless acquisition of data from observation to elemental analysis and subsequent reporting.

The JEOL NEOENGINE® electron beam control system and advanced auto functions provide fast transitions between high resolution imaging and high current analyses, without sacrificing performance, resulting in unprecedented ease of use. Advanced algorithms optimize control of electron lenses in real time, correct electron trajectories and automatically align the beam, and correct the focus, brightness/contrast, and astigmatism. Live EDS analysis allows direct monitoring of specimen chemical composition during imaging.

The JEOL SEM seamlessly integrates optical imaging and navigation, SEM imaging, and EDS Live Analysis with one-click operation.

Flexible - The JSM-IT800 series is equipped with a large specimen chamber that accommodates a wide variety of detectors simultaneously, including: multiple EDS, WDS, EBSD, STEM, BSE, and CL. JEOL’s unique Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer (SXES) allows efficient and parallel collection of very low-energy X-rays while providing unprecedented chemical state analysis.

Powerful - The IT800 is JEOL’s flagship FE SEM with up to 2,000,000X magnification and an accelerating voltage range of 0.01 to 30kV, making it possible to acquire stunning details of nanostructures and comprehensive analysis. This highly versatile, easy-to-use field emission SEM offers the next level of analytical intelligence in FE-SEM.

High Spatial Resolution for Various Applications

The IT800 series microscopes can be equipped with either a hybrid objective lens or a semi-in-lens which are useful for different applications. The hybrid objective lens combines electromagnetic and electrostatic lenses with a through-the-lens electron detection system. With no electromagnetic leakage below the lens it is ideal for imaging magnetic materials and analyzing samples with EBSD. The hybrid lens is also best for most multipurpose applications and multi-use facilities. The integration of in-the-lens acceleration and deceleration of the electron beam results in minimization of the effects of lens aberrations at low kV, yielding higher resolution at the lowest accelerating voltages.

Unique to the SHL version, the new in-lens Upper Hybrid Detector (UHD) provides excellent S/N and detection efficiency of electrons emitted by the specimen, with or without specimen bias.

The semi-in-lens IT800s form a high magnetic field at the bottom of the objective lens. A specimen placed in this magnetic field can be observed at ultra-high resolution quickly and with high signal to noise, even at longer working distances and without biasing a sample. These IT800s are designed for acquiring high resolution electron images fast for routine semiconductor or catalyst inspection, and are ideal if commonly observing non-magnetic complex sample surfaces, cross-sections, or tilted specimens at high magnification.

All JSM-IT800s employs a beam deceleration mode (BD mode) to decrease charging during imaging of nonconductive specimens, improve resolution at low kV and enhance surface topography by allowing accelerating voltages as low as 0.01kV.

The combination of the JEOL’s unique in lens field emission gun which allows for up to 500nA of beam current deliverable to the sample and the aperture angle control lens (ACL) which optimizes large probe currents into the smallest probe diameter, makes these microscopes ideally suited for both imaging and analysis of nanostructures.

New BSE Detectors for Increased Sensitivity

There are multiple BSE detectors available for the IT800 series which are retractable for short working distance, high resolution applications. A solid state BSE detector (BED) has increased sensitivity over conventional BSE detectors. The versatile multi-segmented solid state detector (VBED) enables acquisition of characteristic 3D and surface topography images based on a divided detection element shape. The semiconductor detection element is divided into 6 segments, making it possible to select different modes of BSE imaging: Compo, Topo, Shadow, Low Angle, High Angle, and Four Quadrant for 3D reconstructions. The scintillator backscattered electron detector (SBED) has improved detection sensitivity at both high and low kV, has improved imaging for charging or beam sensitive specimens, and has better responsiveness compared to the semiconductor detectors for a better user experience.

NEW Windowless GatherX EDS detector from JEOL

Gather-X, a new Windowless EDS from JEOL, answers the need for higher resolution, higher sensitivity, and lower-energy X-Ray detection. The new 100mm 2 windowless EDS can collect the entire X-ray range produced from the IT800 series FE SEMs including low-energy X-rays down to Lithium. With its novel racetrack design and fully integrated and interlocked controls, collection as short as 1mm working distance will provide clear, high count rate EDS maps with ultra-high spatial resolution. Gather-X is fully embedded in the SEM software interface with Live Analysis and can also be run in combination with multiple JEOL EDS detectors.

Key Features

  • Versatile electromagnetic/electrostatic hybrid lens design for outstanding imaging and analysis performance
  • NEOENGINE – intelligent automated electron beam control
  • Advanced auto functions including beam alignment, focus, and stigmation
  • In-lens field emission gun
  • Aperture Angle Control Lens (ACL) for superb resolution at any kV or probe current
  • Beam Deceleration (BD) mode reduces effects of lens aberrations 
  • Large specimen chamber with multiple ports
  • Montage imaging feature comes standard
  • Smile View Lab for data management and report generation
  • Live Analysis with integrated JEOL EDS elemental screening
  • High spatial resolution imaging and analysis of nanostructures

Application Notes


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