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Solutions for You

Helpful and Ready

Helpful and Ready

JEOL USA Service & Support

The JEOL service department is dedicated to providing optimal solutions that support customer innovation. Our professionalism, knowledge, and integrity allow JEOL to achieve the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Expect M.O.R.E.

Maintain top performance of your instrument with JEOL service. JEOL service will be your partner from the beginning and will help extend the life of your instrument through regular service and maintenance. JEOL service provides the following solutions for customers:

  • Room Survey
  • Installation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Emergency Repair
  • Relocation
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Time and Materials
  • Custom Support Solutions

Organization matters when selecting a service provider. The JEOL service organization retains a large group of highly trained and experienced professionals to provide the utmost care for your investment. With over 70 years of serving customers you can rest assured that JEOL is a partner you can rely on.

Response is critical if your instrument is not operating at peak performance. JEOL has service personnel stationed throughout North America to provide the fastest industry response time to customers in need. In addition, a dedicated account manager helps to ensure that all customers speak with the appropriate knowledgeable person.

Execution matters. JEOL will plan, communicate, and execute with strategic precision in all areas of instrument life. Customers can be confident that JEOL will fulfill all promises made from delivery of the instrument through installation and acceptance then continuing service life with preventive maintenance and emergency repairs.

  • Interested in getting top priority service? View our Service Level Agreements page
  • To request service on your instrument, please visit our service request page

Corporate Contacts

Hideaki Arima
Vice President, Service Division
(978) 536-2349

Steve Tryon
Manager, Field Service Operations
(978) 536-2342

Craig Koht
Assistant Manager, Field Service Operations
(630) 858-5372

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