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At JEOL, we pledge our commitment to our customers by offering the longest planned product support life of any manufacturer. Our partners can be assured that they will have many years of instrument support from JEOL. In fact, some of our legacy instruments have been in service for 40 years!

JEOL has adopted a Total Solution Service Model

JEOL has adopted a Total Solution Service Model
Our team offers support for each step of the instrumentation life. Starting with environmental corrections, instrument installation and relocation, to preventive maintenance visits - there are truly no challenges too big for our Service team to overcome.

Total Solution Service

When you invest in a JEOL instrument, not only are you investing in the most advanced hardware, but you are also investing in an accomplished service department. With an extensive history of customer relations, we understand what constitutes total service.
Our customers are continually searching for ground-breaking scientific discoveries and solutions. To ensure that you achieve your goals, JEOL is here to provide you with the knowledge to best utilize your JEOL instrument. Our team of application specialists will work with you directly to solve any of your unique challenges. After training with our application specialists, you will be able to optimize your instrument’s potential.
To keep your instrument functioning at top performance, our engineers are devoted to finding solutions. JEOL’s team-based approach allows us to stay one step ahead of all problems. By utilizing the decades of combined experience from our Account Managers, Field Service Engineers, and our administrative employees, we guarantee a resolution to any customer concern.
At JEOL, we take pride in having customers that are constantly creating new innovations. To help our customers achieve their goals, we apply the same dedication to our advancing our technology. JEOL provides customers with services meant to maximize instrument quality and longevity. Our goal is to lengthen the lifetime of your instrument through our top ranked services. From the moment our instrument is installed, you can rely on JEOL.
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