Walkup NMR

JEOL Streamlines Experiments with Walkup NMR

JEOL “Walkup NMR” automates NMR experiments for students or lab personnel running single or multiple samples with the JEOL Nuclear Magnetic Resonance system. The user interface is as simple as a photocopier. In five simple steps, a registered user can: load samples in the auto-sample changer, enter a sample name, select the solvent, pick an NMR method, and click submit to collect state of the art NMR data automatically. The user is notified when the experiment and resulting data processing are complete.

JEOL NMR systems are designed for ease of use and feature the DELTA NMR software package making JEOL ECZ NMR Spectrometers the ideal open access tool for the student environment as well as busy labs.

  • Walkup data acquisition mode
  • Spreadsheet-style interface for sample definition and submission
  • Fully customizable to fit every customer’s open access NMR needs
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