JEOL USA Sample Preparation Tools

JEOL produces high precision instruments designed to prepare samples prior to imaging with the SEM or TEM.

From Focused Ion Beam (FIB) systems to a benchtop broad ion beam Cross Section Polisher, we offer a selection of specialized instruments to quickly prepare precise cross sections of semiconductor devices, metals, ceramics, multi-layer structures and also environment or beam sensitive materials.

JEOL also offers a line of sputter and evaporative coaters (metal or carbon) that facilitate imaging and analysis of non-conductive samples. These and other peripheral pieces of equipment complement JEOL’s comprehensive line of electron microscopes.


Focused Ion Beam


A multipurpose FIB-SEM that delivers the synergy of fast sample preparation, SEM imaging and EDS analysis in a single instrument.

JIB-4700F Multi Beam System

Combines SEM with FIB column for high-resolution SEM observation and analysis after high-speed cross-section milling with FIB

Sample Prep – Broad Ion Beam Milling

Cross Section Polisher (CP)

Easy-to-use, sample preparation device for SEM, EPMA, and SAM applications. Broad ion beam polishing using the JEOL cross-section polisher (CP) offers pristine surface preparation with minimal artifacts

Cooling Cross Section Polisher (CCP)

For preparation and polishing of materials that are sensitive to thermal damage. Temperature control down to -120°C. Unique cooling design allows for >8 hours cooling time, low liquid nitrogen consumption and quick return to room temperature. This system is also built for air sensitive specimens with air isolation transfer built-in.

Sample Prep – Coaters for SEM

Smart Coater

Simple-to-use sputter coater with fully automated vacuum and sputtering

Auto Fine Coater

Simple to use sputter coater that applies a fine grain Pt coating. Fully automated vacuum and coating.

Carbon Coater

Thin film conductive coating for SEM imaging. This simple to use carbon coater features fully automated vacuum and carbon evaporation

TEM and SEM Sample Prep

Vacuum Evaporator

Clean, oil-free, automatic evacuation system for carbon coating of samples

UV Cleaner

Mitigates contamination during observations made with an electron microscope, cleans specimens and tools, and hydrophilizes the specimen surface


Please see our list of applications specific to Sample Prep.
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