AutoMAS Solids Probe

Solution NMR probe ease-of-use in a Solid-State NMR Probe – Fully automatic operation, just like solutions NMR probes!

  • AutoTune for solids
    Same AutoTune convenience as liquids NMR probes
  • Load and eject samples
    ROTOCARRIER™ for easy sample exchange
    No eject air changes for liquids spinners or ROTORCARRIERs
  • Compatible with All Auto Sample Changers
    Compatible with ASC24, ASC30, ASC64, ASC100
  • Delta Controlled MAS Controller
    Allows for optimized spinning speeds for each experiment or sample

AutoMAS Solids Probe video

JEOL AutoMAS Solids Probe for NMR - shown here combined with a JEOL 30 slot Auto Sample Changer and AutoTune module



Automated continuous measurement

An example of automated continuous measurement by changing sample, observation nuclei, and MAS frequency.

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