World's Leading Research Atomic Resolution Microscope!

NEOARM - World's Leading Research Atomic Resolution Microscope!

Since its introduction, the JEOL ARM (Atomic Resolution Microscope) TEM/STEM product line has become the chosen platform for atomic resolution imaging/analytical research. The ARM product line is at the leading edge of research in the spherical aberration corrected class of instruments.

In response to the increased need for high-resolution imaging of materials, containing light elements, and of specimens susceptible to electron-beam damage, JEOL has developed the 200kV NEOARM Atomic Resolution Imaging & Analytical Electron Microscope.

The NEOARM excels at atomic-resolution imaging for a wide range of accelerating voltages ranging from 30 kV to 200 kV. The NEOARM features a unique cold field emission gun (Cold-FEG) as well as a next generation advanced Cs corrector (ASCOR) that compensates for higher order aberrations.

An automated aberration correction module employs JEOL’s new rapid aberration correction algorithm for fast and precise microscope aberration correction using your own sample. This system enables higher-throughput atomic-resolution imaging and analysis, even at low accelerating voltages.

Additionally, a new STEM detector that provides enhanced contrast of light elements, is included as standard. Contrast enhancement of light elements is achieved by a new STEM imaging technique, e-ABF (enhanced Annular Brightfield) optimizing the observation of light-element/ Low Z materials.

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As described in Physics World, JEOL's dual SDD EDS detectors, offering a large solid angle, were used with our Cs Corrected TEM/STEM to detect single atoms within a nanostructure. This research can be viewed in the journal Nature Photonics (Published 08 July, 2012).

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Key Features

Cs corrector "ASCOR" (Advanced STEM Corrector)

The ASCOR, Cs corrector, optimized in conjunction with the NEOARM, suppresses the six-fold astigmatism that limits resolution after Cs correction. The combination of ASCOR with a Cold-FEG allows for higher resolutions to be achieved, 0.071nm in HAADF-STEM, with unprecedented game changing resolution at lower voltages.

Automated aberration correction software JEOL COSMO™ (Corrector System Module)

JEOL’s COSMO™ software module utilizes a new aberration correction algorithm, developed by JOEL, for the NEOARM, SRAM: Segmented Ronchigram Auto-correlation function Matrix. Using a clean amorphous area, on your sample, will allow for rapid aberration correction/corrector alignment, with high-precision correction of higher order aberrations up to 5th order. This and other unique features ensure that imaging and analytical data output is always probe optimized ensuring the best atomic-resolution imaging and analysis results with minimal effort.

New ABF (Annular Bright Field) detector system

The ABF detector is widely used as a technique suitable for high-resolution imaging of light elements at high contrast. The NEOARM supports enhanced contrast of light elements using a newly-designed ABF imaging technique, e-ABF: enhanced ABF. This capability facilitates atomic-level structure observation of materials containing light elements with high contrast.

Perfect sight detector

The perfect sight detector, integrated into NEOARM, uses hybrid scintillators. This detector enables acquisition of high-contrast and quantitative STEM images over the complete range of accelerating voltages.

Viewing Camera system

The Viewing Camera system, intended to be used for remote operation/alignment, is an image observation system utilizing dual cameras. One looking at the viewing screen and the other obtaining images from a focusing screen, this system facilitates remote operation of the NEOARM.

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