JEOL USA Scanning Electron Microscopes

JEOL has played a leading role in the development and evolution of scanning electron microscopes since the early 1960s. JEOL provides valuable applications support, comprehensive training, and award-winning service for the long lifetime of our instruments.

JEOL innovations in resolution and functionality enable the microscopist to better image and characterize a new generation of nanomaterials, capture biological details, analyze forensic evidence in detail, direct write fine nanopatterns, and pinpoint elusive quality problems.


InTouchScope SEMs

Field Emission SEMs

  • JSM-7900F
    Extreme High Resolution FE SEM with Lightning-fast Data Acquisition
  • JSM-7610FPlus
    Ultrahigh Resolution Analytical FE SEM
  • JSM-F100
    Next Level of Analytical Intelligence in FE-SEM

Benchtop SEM

MultiBeam FIB/SEMs

Analytical Optimization