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Full-Scale Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) – from Macro to Nano

From our most powerful flagship Field Emission SEM with the ultimate resolution, magnification, and analytical flexibility, to our easy-to-use entry level Benchtop SEM, JEOL offers a wide choice of SEMs to suit all applications. 
JEOL introduced its first Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in the early 1960s. Since then, JEOL innovations in resolution and SEM functionality have enabled microscopists to image and characterize a new generation of nanomaterials, reveal intricate biological details, analyze forensic evidence, and perform failure analysis and quality control. 
JEOL provides valuable applications support, comprehensive training, and award-winning service for our instruments.


InTouchScope™ SEMs

JSM-IT710HR InTouchScope™

JSM-IT710HR InTouchScope™

Exceptional Fidelity at Any kV

JSM-IT510 InTouchScope™

Versatile Research Grade SEM
JSM-IT210 InTouchScope™

JSM-IT210 InTouchScope™

Seamless Navigation, High Throughput SEM

Field Emission SEMs


Ultrahigh Resolution FE SEM with the most advanced high-resolution analytical technology available today


High Resolution, large chamber FE SEM. Compact, versatile Field Emission SEM that offers Smart-Flexible-Powerful performance at a great value

Learn more about our new generation of Field Emission SEMs

Benchtop SEM

NeoScope™ Benchtop SEM

Incorporates advanced technology and functions that make it simple for users at any skill level to obtain outstanding SEM images and elemental analysis results in minutes

Analytical Optimization

Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer

Utilizes a variable space grating, allowing the efficient and parallel collection of very low energy-rays (so called “soft” X-rays).

Gather-X Windowless EDS

Higher Sensitivity and Low-energy X-Ray Detection down to Lithium.

Embedded EDS for SEM

From our benchtop SEM to our highest-resolution FE SEM, we offer an EDS spectrometer designed by JEOL exclusively for each model of JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope.

Sample Prep

UV Cleaner

Mitigates contamination during observations made with an electron microscope, cleans specimens and tools, and hydrophilizes the specimen surface


Please see our list of applications specific to Scanning Electron Microscopy.
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