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Hydro Radiant Panel System -- Environmental control for instrument laboratories

Scientific instrumentation is typically housed in an enclosed room, with just enough access for operation or service. Heat generated from equipment, personnel entering and exiting the room, and the enclosed facility itself can all affect the performance of highly sensitive instrumentation.

To help ensure optimum instrument performance and maintain a consistently cool environment without adding air turbulence, JEOL has developed a unique radiant cooling system for the instrument laboratory.

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Temperature stability measured over 12+ hour period indicates < 0.2°C difference.

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Infrared image of the Hydro Radiant Panels installed in a working laboratory.

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Infrared image of the electron column in a laboratory where Hydro Radiant Panels are installed.

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The Hydro Radiant Panels cool the room through radiation and natural convection.

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Environmental Control Solution Details

The JEOL Hydro Radiant Panel system is custom-designed and fitted to each room, with consideration for heat load, local weather, facilities, and instrument requirements. It consists of wall-mounted water circulating panels, a water chiller, plumbing, an optional air exchange system, and a wall-mounted remote controller.

The JEOL Hydro Radiant Panel system insulates the instrument lab from fluctuations in ambient temperature without air turbulence, noise, or vibration. Average temperature in the lab of 6000 cubic feet or less is maintained within 0.2°C (0.36°F) per hour and 0.05°C (0.09°F) per minute under specified conditions. Air flow speed is less than 20 feet per minute.