Carbon Coater EC-32010CC

Carbon Coater EC-32010CC

The JEOL Carbon Coater is a fully-automated carbon coater that applies a thin conductive carbon film on a sample surface. Applying this coating to a non-conductive sample is an effective preparation technique for eliminating charge-up artifacts for analysis in a scanning electron microscope. Sample preparation of this type is ideal for X-ray applications (EDS), CL or backscatter electron imaging.

This simple to use carbon coater features fully automated vacuum and carbon evaporation.

fully automated vacuum and carbon evaporation

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Key Features

  • Applies a thin film conductive carbon coating that is effective in eliminating charging of non-conductive materials in an SEM.
  • Fully automated vacuum, pre-heat and evaporation sequences.
  • Specially designed high purity carbon rods do not require any sharpening.
  • Film thickness is influenced by changing the sample distance from the carbon rod.
  • Rotating and Tilting Stage is optionally available.

View our Carbon Coater application note for full specifications.

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