JXA-iSP100 with LaB6 EPMA

JXA-iSP100 with LaB6 EPMA

The JXA-iSP100 with LaB6 EPMA is a state of the art, top of the line, research grade EPMA that provides both high imaging resolution and analytical resolution with a very high and stable probe current for optimum analytical performance. This new microprobe has a new SEM and EDS user interface (GUI) based on the FEG SEM's "SEM Center". It includes new algorithms for the auto functions of both the SEM column and the optical microscope. A new GUI provides a simplified work flow called "Easy EPMA" with built-in software and graphic-driven procedures for a broad range of user experience from the novice/occasional user to complete flexibility and capabilities for the very experienced EPMA scientist. A full knobset and stage control module are both standard.

The iSP100 features an automated specimen exchange airlock, with an integrated color stage navigation camera mounted on the roof, providing easy access to the areas of interest on the sample with one click. The software also prompts users when routine maintenance is suggested. The EPMA also allows the transfer of JEOL EDS and or JEOL XRF data directly into the EPMA software which will automatically select the appropriate spectrometers and crystals. New standard software includes "Phase Analysis" and "Phase Map Maker" which utilizes both AI (Analytical Intelligence) and principle component analysis.

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Key Features

  • Customizable configuration of spectrometers and crystals optimized for the required application
  • Performs both beam scanned line scans and maps as well as large area line scans and maps with stage scanning
  • A 30mm2 integrated and embedded UTW-SDD-EDS system with high sensitivity including an in situ aperture wheel for ultrahigh beam current operation without compromising EDS spectrometer resolution and "Live" survey EDS acquisition to easily help find elements of interest
  • Specimen chamber supports both a panchromatic high bandwidth imaging CL and a fully quantitative hyper-spectral CL (xCLent V System) with no loss of a WDS or any limitation on image collection
  • Supports the installation of JEOL's Soft X-Ray Emission Spectrometers (SXES and SXES-ER) for ultralight elements and chemical state analysis
  • Fully dry pumped vacuum system to reduce hydrocarbon contamination
  • Integration with Probe for EPMA (PfE)

Application Notes

These documents are available by request.

  • Advantage of FEG for Low kV EPMA (short version)
  • Advantage of FEG for Low kV EPMA  (long version)
  • Analysis of Corroded Hot Dip Galvanized Carbon Steel Using Phase Map Maker
  • Analysis of High Temperature Corrosion
  • Automatic Color Map (ACM) Filter for High Throughput Mapping
  • Automatic Phase Maps / Phase Map Maker
  • Automatic Phase Map Maker with NEW High Speed Cluster Analysis (HSCA)
  • Cathodoluminescence Imaging & Analysis
  • Comparison of SXES and SXES-ER
  • EPMA Analysis of a Lithium Ion Battery
  • EPMA Monazite Age Dating Geochronology
  • EPMA Techniques for Mapping Rough (Less than Ideal) Samples
  • Geological Application/Mineral Analyses
  • Introduction to JXA-iHP200F Field Emission EPMA
  • Introduction to JXA-iSP100 W/LaB6 EPMA
  • New Software for Multi-User Facilities or the Occasional/Novice EPMA User
  • Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer
  • Trace Element Analysis and Minimum Detection Limits
  • Trace Element Analysis Software
  • WDS Trace Element of Sulfur in a Japanese Sword

These documents are available by request.


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