JEOL - a global leader in NMR since the inception of commercial NMR manufacturing

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JEOL - renowned for NMR service and applications support

JEOL - world's fastest spinning speed for NMR

JEOL - world's first liquid NMR probe, switchable between single and dual tune mode

Thinking about NMR?
Trust JEOL for innovation.

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JEOL NMR systems serve some of the world's leading scientists – what can we help you achieve?

JEOL Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Solutions for Today’s Analytical Challenges


ECZ Series of NMR Spectrometers

  • ECZR Range of NMR's
    -Our high end NMR offers wide expandability
    -Latest in digital and high frequency NMR technologies
  • ECZS 400 MHz NMR
    -Entry level NMR
    -Same characteristics but in an ultra-compact chassis


  • Royal Probe
    -Best performances for heteronuclear measurements
    -Reduces the need for probe changes
  • ROYAL HFX Probe
    -World's first liquid NMR probe with the capability to switch between single tune and dual tune modes on the high frequency coil without compromising performance
  • SuperCOOL Cryogenic Probe
    -Significantly improved sensitivity at double the sensitivity of conventional probes
    -Reduces measurement times to just 1/4


NMR Software