New JEOL NMR Probes for BioSolids and Materials

JEOL has developed two new families of Solids NMR probes for Material Science and BioSolids.

The JEOL HXY NMR probe, with rotor diameters including 4 mm, 3.2 mm and 2 mm are ideally suited for material science work on a wide variety of samples including for example: catalysts, MOF’s, and polymers. Probes with sample tubes up to 4 mm in diameter balance optimal data collection, spinning speed, and rf performance with high-resolution CPMAS, MQMAS and 1H NMR experiments.

The triple resonance JEOL HCN MAS NMR probe is designed for biological samples. Wide range sample stators (0.75mm, 1mm, 2mm, and 3.2mm) are available for 1H, 13C, 15N NMR experiments. The HCN NMR probe with a long-term VT system maintains the desired sample temperature at high MAS speeds.

JEOL offers a full range of Magic-Angle-Spinning (MAS) NMR probes with sample diameters to match the user’s sample and sensitivity needs for a wide variety of solid-state NMR applications.

The JNM-ECZ Series NMR Spectrometer automatically updates the relevant spectrometer settings for all NMR probes for fast and easy switching between solids and liquids NMR operation.