Instrument operations courses cover basic theory, physical operation, and practical applications. Students learn how to sharpen their skills in the use of the instrument and accessories. They learn maintenance procedures tailored to give them a working knowledge of the mechanical functions of the instrument. Techniques for specimen preparation and various methods for displaying the resulting data are discussed. Training includes both classroom lectures and practical hands-on instruction in alignment, console and/or computer controls, and uses of the instrument in its various operating modes.


Training for one student is typically included in the purchase of a JEOL instrument. For additional training, or training on an older instrument, tuition payments cover all course materials, lectures and instrument time. Lunch is provided. All other meals, travel and lodging are the responsibility of the student.

JEOL will provide webinar-based instrument classes in an on-demand basis at no charge. Email to schedule online instrument training for all current instruments (IT200/300/300HR/500/500HR/700HR/800HL as well as the F100). For other model SEMs please, contact us at

To view our free on-demand "Principles of SEM – an Overview" webinar, click here.