Instrument operations courses cover basic theory, physical operation, and practical applications. Students learn how to sharpen their skills in the use of the instrument and accessories. They learn maintenance procedures tailored to give them a working knowledge of the mechanical functions of the instrument. Techniques for specimen preparation and various methods for displaying the resulting data are discussed.
Current Model SEMs for which we provide training: IT200/300/300HR/500/500HR/700HR/800HL/800SHL as well as the F100.
Past Model SEMs: We have various options for training on older SEM models. Please contact with specific requests.
Training includes both classroom lectures and practical hands-on instruction in alignment, console and/or computer controls, and uses of the instrument in its various operating modes. Initially, we typically have users watch our free Webinar “Principles of SEM – An Overview”. This is good for new users and experienced users; it goes over SEM basics and is model independent. We also have a more advanced training discussing Low kV imaging. We then have various options for online and hands on SEM training.

Online Training

  • Currently we have a Neoscope, IT200, IT510, IT700HR, and the IT800 series instruments in our demo facility. We can schedule a 2-hour online training session on any of them, where you watch us run our instrument and we talk through the software features and how to use the SEM.
  • If your instrument is attached to your network and your IT department allows us, we can setup a webinar to take control of your instrument. We can then show you the software and basic imaging using your samples. If you need help preparing your samples, we can discuss this prior to the webinar.
Both options are free, and we can schedule multiple sessions to target your needs. We utilize web conference software such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

In-person SEM Training

  • With the purchase of your instrument, you earned a free training credit that can be used for a class in Peabody, Massachusetts with us. This training course is two full days of training, focused on your users. We spend a few hours showing the instrument and software using our samples. The rest of the time is hands-on with your samples, so bring lots of samples representative of your normal work. We pick up lunch and snacks for the two days, but you would pay for travel, hotels, and nightly meals in the Peabody area. The expectation is that the student would then return to their site and train the rest of the instrument users. After the initial free course, we can offer additional courses in the future at cost as long as we retain a similar model instrument in the Peabody lab.
  • We also offer an in-person training at your facility. For an additional cost, one of our applications specialists will travel to your site for a two-day training course on your instrument. We follow the same introduction then hands-on regiment as the in-Peabody training, but at your site. Depending upon the facility size, we can do the instrument introduction and demo for more users, but we try to keep the hands-on portion focused on a few users. This saves your employees travel time and cost but can train some additional users. However, there is a financial investment for us to visit. 
To discuss any of these options, or to get a course scheduled, please contact and include your model information. Or complete the form below.

In-Person Training Schedule 2024

SEM Model Training Dates Location
October 22-23, 2024 Peabody, MA
JSM-IT200, JSM-IT210
November 6-7, 2024 Peabody, MA
JSM-IT500, JSM-IT510
April 2-3, 2024
September 10-11, 2024
Peabody, MA
Peabody, MA
April 23-24, 2024
August 27-28, 2024
Peabody, MA
Peabody, MA

Register for SEM/TEM Training

  • Because enrollment is limited, please send in this application as soon as possible.

    The completed form is submitted to We will confirm availability with you.

    If someone from your institution has already enrolled or previously attended this course, please contact Grant Edwards for pricing information.

    Courses are subject to re-scheduling or cancellation; therefore, we urge that you do not purchase non-refundable airline tickets when making your travel arrangements.

    Please call 978-535-5900 for availability.

    Important: You can register for the training classes only if you are a JEOL USA customer. If you are not located in the Americas please contact your local JEOL office for training.

  • Registration Form: SEM/TEM Training

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