JBX-A9 Series Electron Beam Lithography System

JBX-9500FS Electron Beam Lithography System

JBX-A9 Series Features

  • High Precision and High Throughput Direct Writing System
  • Built with JEOL’s renowned Electron Optics for ultimate stability
  • Loadable wafer up to 300 mm
  • FOUP system optionally available
  • In-line extendibility to other process tools such as coaters and developers
  • Low power consumption
  • Improved ease-of-use for all experience levels
Basic Configuration
Basic Unit
10 Cassettes Auto Loading System
Control Program with CPU System
Additional License for Data Preparation Program
Remote Control OL Aperture
in-situ Optical Microscope
FOUP Wafer Auto Loading System
Open Cassette 200 mm Wafer Auto Loading System
48kV High Voltage Program
Custom Cassettes
Air Conditioner
EMI cancellation system

JBX-A9 Series Specifications

Item Specification
Accelerating Voltage 100 kV
Maximum Field Size 1000 μm
Minimum Increment 0.25 nm
Stitching Accuracy ±9 nm
Overlay Accuracy ±9 nm
Minimum Line width ≦8 nm
Beam Current 50 pA to 400 nA
Maximum Scanning Speed 200 MHz
Stage Positioning Resolution 0.15 nm
Automatic Aberration Corrections Dynamic Focus
Dynamic stigmatism
Deflection Distortion Correction
Maximum Sample Size 300 Wafer
9 inch Mask
Power Consumption 5 kVA
Footprint 7.4 m × 5.3 m × 2.7 m (H)

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