JSM-IT510 Analytical SEM

InTouchScope™ SEM Series

The JSM-IT510 InTouchScope™ SEM Series delivers the highest level of intelligent technology with built-in automation for the most versatile analytical SEM available today.

JSM-IT510 InTouchScope™ SEM Series

Smart – Flexible – Powerful

Smart – The latest innovations with our InTouchScope™ series SEMs make them accessible at every level. JEOL’s Intelligent Technology delivers seamless navigation from optical to SEM imaging, Live EDS both spectrum and X-ray maps and the best auto functions from alignment to focus for fast, clear, and sharp images. We’ve taken it to the next level with Simple SEM, built-in automation for image collection at multiple locations and conditions. Simple SEM simplifies workflow for the most routine tasks. Our embedded Signal Depth display enhances understanding of analytical spatial resolution. All this technology packed into a compact platform for unprecedented ease-of-use.

Flexible – Choose a platform that is right for you. We offer high vacuum and low vacuum models with or without our Live (embedded) EDS system. [JSM-IT510, JSM-IT510A, JSM-IT510LV, JSM-IT510LA]. This SEM series is equipped with a large specimen chamber that accommodates a wide variety of detectors and accessories such as: EDS, WDS, EBSD, CL, STEM, heating/cooling substages etc.

Powerful – High resolution W filament source (LaB6 option) with unsurpassed low kV performance. The JSM-IT510 includes a large analytical chamber and stage. The stage is mounted inside the chamber enabling users to secure large, heavy and odd shaped objects on the stage with clear positioning prior to evacuating the chamber.

Zeromag, with our integrated color camera allows for intuitive navigation to the area of interest and seamless transition to SEM imaging and analysis. All data is linked for instant view of analysis locations. Our new high sensitivity quadrant BSE detector can provide a Live 3D surface reconstruction enhancing your view of specimens with complex topography such as a fracture surface, plating defect, etc. Analytical models include JEOL’s fully embedded EDS system for Real-Time, Live EDS spectra and Live X-ray maps.

Key Features

  • Specimen Exchange Navi – Integrated step-by-step guide from specimen introduction to automatic image formation. Unprecedented Ease of Use at any level!
  • Zeromag – Simplifies navigation providing a seamless transition from an optical to SEM image. All data is linked: color image – SEM images – EDS data for map of all analysis locations.
  • Live EDS – Full integration of JEOL EDS with Real-Time Live spectrum and Live X-ray map.
  • Simple SEM – simplify workflow and automate routine imaging tasks.
  • High Vacuum and Low Vacuum with expanded pressure for any sample type.
  • Montage – Automate large area image mosaics (stitching) and EDS maps (analytical models).
  • Easy Maintenance – no compressed gas required. Simple source change and Automated Alignments.

Advanced Options

Stage Navigation System Large Sample (SNSLS)

Seamless navigation with our embedded color camera, Stage Navigation System (SNS) is included for samples as large as 100mm x 100mm. There is a new option for larger samples providing a 200mm x 200mm field of view.
Stage Navigation System Large Sample (SNSLS)

Low Vacuum Hybrid Secondary Electron Detector (LHSED)

This new detector collects both electron and photon signals with great signal and enhanced topographic information in low vacuum mode as well as ability to collect photon (CL) signal in both high and low vacuum modes.
Low Vacuum Hybrid Secondary Electron Detector (LHSED)

Smile View™ Map

JSM-IT510 equipped with our new quadrant BSE detector provides a Live 3D view of the specimen surface. Adding the Smile View™ Map option provides advanced tools for image enhancement and surface metrology calculations and texture analysis such as height profiles and surface roughness.
Live 3D - Hardness Test at Weld
Smile View Map - Extracted Profile

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