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SEM - 3D Surface Reconstruction

SEM is an indispensable tool for studying the microstructure of a wide variety of materials. The images generated are inherently a 2 dimensional representation of the sample surface. Unlocking the 3rd dimension by reconstructing a 3D model from multiple SEM images can enhance our understanding of complex microstructure. This 3D view is often more intuitive and surface metrology characteristics can be calculated.

The table below highlights two common software options for 3D Surface Reconstruction in SEM offered by JEOL.

  3D Sight
P/N: MP-45030TDI
Smile View™ Map
Constructs 3D model from 2 Images 1, 2 or 4 Images
3D Color Intensity Maps
Anaglyph Image
Height Profile and measurement
Image Calibration  
Image Enhancement & Correction  
Geometric Analysis  
Surface Texture Analysis  
Colocalization (Correlation)  
Optional Modules:
  • Particle Analysis
  • Advanced Topography
  • Advanced Profile
  • Fourier and Wavelets


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