AccuTOF™ DART™ Technology

AccuTOF Time-of-Flight Mass Analyzer

A Robust Open-Air Interface

AccuTOF™ Atmospheric Pressure Interface

The Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) ion source was designed and developed with the AccuTOF time-of-flight mass analyzer in mind. This high-resolution analyzer platform is the same as that used with our LC-TOF/MS system. In fact, the AccuTOF DART mass spectrometer system also comes standard with an orthogonal electrospray (ESI) source that can be quickly installed whenever your sampling needs require it.

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Because DART ionization allows you to measure mass spectra from crude, undiluted samples it is especially important to have a source-to-analyzer interface designed to minimize spectrometer contamination. In the AccuTOF interface design, ions are directed to the ion guide through two off-axis orifices (Orifices 1 and 2) by both a slight potential difference and a ring lens. Because the space between the orifices is unaligned, neutral contamination is trapped before it can reach the analyzer. Thus, this design not only greatly reduces the need for routine maintenance, but also allows you to perform rapid, repeated DART analyses with no sample carryover.

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