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NMR Probes for All Applications

NMR Probes for All Applications

JEOL's global R&D program for NMR probes continues to produce advanced technology solutions. We are pleased to offer a variety of probes for our NMR systems.

50+ years of NMR Expertise and Support
ROYALPROBE™ for heteronuclear ( 31P to 15N, 39K, and 109Ag) measurements and an inverse probe for 1H 19F measurements
  • ROYALPROBE™ HFX for fluorinated compounds
  • Cryogenic Probes for NMR
  • Liquids/Solution State Probes
  • AutoMAS Solids Probe | A solution NMR probe ease-of-use in a solid-state NMR probe
  • HCN MAS and HXY NMR Probes for biosolids and materials
  • Solid State NMR Probes
  • NMR Probe Key Features and Applications
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