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Phase Analysis 2

Phase Analysis (EX-36430PHA2)

JEOL’s Phase Analysis software creates Cluster (single color) and VCA (gradient color) phase maps for each chemical composition from EDS map data. A multivariate analysis of the EDS Map data is used to automatically identify the phases for the Cluster phase. A vertex component analysis creates phase maps with color gradation.

A composite map, individual phase maps, fractional area (Cluster phase only), spectra, and quantitative results are immediately displayed and can be sent to PowerPoint®, Word®, or pdf.

Phase Analysis 2

Cluster Phase

Phase Analysis 2

Gradient Phase (VCA)

By analyzing alloys, minerals, batteries, etc., the distribution of the compounds can be displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.

Advanced functions are built-in for optimizing the number of phases. These functions include:

  • Live preview allowing the analyst to review changes before implementation
  • Enhanced edge detection
  • Trace element phase identification

Phase maps can be processed and viewed in multiple ways (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) for reports adaptable to meet your requirements.

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