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Phase Analysis with SEM

Phase Analysis (EX-36420PHA)

Phase Analysis with SEM

JEOL’s Phase Analysis software expands its fully integrated SEM- EDS solutions to include automated identification and quantification of phases within mixed-mode samples. From quickly visualizing the abundance and spatial distribution of thin film or battery components to quantifying mineral modes in ceramics, natural samples and beyond, Phase Analysis provides a new level of automation to your EDS data analysis and interpretation workflows. Its simple user interface with advanced automated and manual functions benefits a variety of industry and research sectors, including but not limited to: metallurgy, energy and batteries, electronics, ceramics, and geology.

Phase Analysis performs a multivariate analysis of hyperspectral EDS Maps to automatically identify unique phases. A composite map, individual phase maps, fractional areas, spectra, and quantitative results for each phase are automatically calculated and displayed and can be sent to PowerPoint®, Word®, pdf, or .CSV.

Phase Analysis with SEM

From simple two-phase systems like eutectic solders and brazes to complex multi-phase systems like ceramics and geologic samples, Phase Analysis’ advanced auto functions make it effortless to implement. Initial phase identification is fully automated with added flexibility to manually adjust the sensitivity of the identification algorithm or combine and re-name phases as needed. For routine workflows, JEOL’s Qualitative Analysis Database (QBase) is fully integrated within Phase Analysis to directly match the EDS spectra for each unknown phase to user-defined standard data.

Advanced functions are built-in for optimizing phase identification, including:

  • Live preview to review changes before implementation
  • Enhanced edge detection and exclusion
  • Trace element phase identification

Phase Analysis with SEM

Phase maps can be processed and viewed in multiple ways (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) for reports adaptable to meet your requirements.

Phase Analysis is currently available for offline data processing for most current SEM models. Offline software is included for processing data on another PC.

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