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Carbon Coater (EC-32010CC)


JEOL’s Carbon Coater is a sample preparation device that evaporates carbon to create a conductive thin film on the sample surface.

Thin film conductive coatings are effective in eliminating charging with non-conductive materials. Carbon has an advantage over heavy metal coatings (Ex. Gold or Platinum) for X-ray applications (EDS/WDS), CL or backscatter electron imaging due to its inherent low absorption characteristics.

This device is simple to use with fully automated vacuum, pre-heat and evaporation sequences. Insert your samples, turn the unit on and the chamber will automatically evacuate. Press PREHEAT to degas the carbon rod, next press EVAPORATE. The unit will automatically evaporate the carbon to create the thin film. Once the carbon evaporation is completed the system automatically vents to atmosphere.

Film thickness can be adjusted by changing the height of the sample stage.

Basic Specifications

Pressure ≤ 20 Pa
Carbon Electrode 1 set
Evaporation Source Dedicated High Purity Carbon Rod (1mm diameter)
Sample Stage 64mm (diameter)
Source to Stage Distance 135mm to 165mm (adjustable)
Vent time 30 seconds
Evacuation System Directly-coupled rotary pump, 135L/min
Evacuation Time 3 Pa in 10 minutes (no sample in chamber)


Carbon Coater 1
Rotary pump (135L/Min), includes power supply cable 1
Oil Mist Trap 1
Carbon Rod 90mm (length) x 1mm (diameter) 5
Vacuum Hose 1
Power Cable 1
Instruction Manuals for Carbon Coater and Rotary pump 1


Rotating and Tilting Sample Stage (EC-30030RTS)

This stage is useful for samples with a significant amount of topography to aid in providing a uniform coating.

Rotation Speed 50 ± 10 rpm
Tilt Angle Horizontal to 90° (manual)
Sample Holder 4 stub(12.5 mm diameter) 1 stub (32 mm diameter)

Basic Installation Requirements

Clean, dry, dust free environment.
Preferred footprint: 500mm (W) x 550 mm (L)

  Room/Space Requirements
Temperature 20 ± 5°C (59~77 °F)
Humidity 60% or less
Power Single Phase AC 100V, 50/60 Hz, 1.4kVA
Ground Grounding Terminal (one, 100Ω or less)
Main Unit 350mm (w) x 420mm (d) x 440mm (h); ~18 kg
RP 170mm (w) x 487.5mm (d) x 249.5mm (h); ~27 kg
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