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Argon Beam Cross Sectioning

The new specimen preparation apparatus, the Cross Section Polisher (CP), utilizes a broad argon ion beam that eliminates problems associated with the conventional methods of specimen cross sectioning for SEM. The CP consists of a specimen chamber with a TMP vacuum system, an optical microscope for specimen positioning, and controllers for the vacuum system and a stationary ion beam.

Artifact-free Cross-sections

The Cross Section Polisher (CP) is a new cross-section sample preparation device that addresses some of the issues involved with preparing very small and relatively soft specimens for SEM analysis. The CP can easily prepare a cross section that is hundreds of micrometers in width and can preserve nanometer-level fine structures.

Cross Section Specimen Preparation Device Using Argon Ion Beam for SEM

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) have been used for various applications, such as research and development and failure analysis. There are many cases where not only observation of a specimen surface – but also observation of a cross section – is important. Preparation of a cross section depends on the specimen structure, observation purpose, and materials. Various preparation methods are put into practice: cutting, mechanical polishing, microtome, and FIB (Focused Ion Beam) are the major methods. In this discussion, we evaluate a new cross section specimen preparation method using an argon ion beam (hereinafter called the Cross-section Polishing or CP method). We have found that this method is extremely useful for observation of layer structures, interfaces, and crystalline structures of metals, ceramics, and composites. Here, we introduce examples of applications to various types of specimens.

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