JBX-9500FS Electron Beam Lithography System

JBX-9500FS Electron Beam Lithography System

The JBX-9500FS is an electron beam lithography system featuring a spot beam, Vector scan, and a step and repeat stage. Capable of varying the beam size widely, the system is versatile in its applications from basic research of elements to test production of optical elements to research and development for masks for high accelerating voltage exposure. Its dynamic correction system eliminates defocusing resulting from beam deflection.

JBX-9500FS Key Product Features

Beam Shape
Accelerating Voltage
100 kV / 50 kV
Gun Emitter
ZrO/W (Schottky)
Workpiece Dimension
up to 178 mm squaret
Beam Size
4 to 200 nm (100 kV)
7 to 200 nm (50 kV)
Substrate Size
300mm ø

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