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Stability in quantitative analysis of residual agricultural chemicals in food by GC-MS/MS - MSTips262

Product: JMS-TQ4000GC GC-MS/MS System


As "food safety" is recognized as an increasingly important issue on a global scale, many nations have their own regulations on residual agricultural chemicals in food. In Japan, the positive list system, which was enforced at the end of May 2006, stipulates a uniform standard of 10 ppb as a quantity that is considered safe for human health. Under the positive list system, more agricultural chemicals need to be examined, and as a result, techniques capable of accurately and collectively analyzing residual agricultural chemicals in food are in increasing demand. While mass spectrometry (MS) is known for its high detection sensitivity, MS/MS is becoming the mainstream of pesticide analysis for its superior sensitivity and selectivity.

The JMS-TQ4000GC, JEOL’s latest GC-MS/MS, has a unique ion storage/ejection mechanism within the MS/MS collision cell and incorporates new firmware to support MS/MS analysis with up to 36,000 transitions. In this work, we report the stability of 8 pesticides that were added to spinach extract.


For the sample, 15 g of spinach was processed by using AOAC 2007.01 extraction method, and the resulting extraction solution was mixed with an 8 component 100 ppb standard solution at 9:1. Table 1 shows the measuring conditions used for the analysis.

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