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JEOL Announces New Monochromated ARM200F Addition to Atomic Resolution TEM Family
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(May 1, 2018 – Peabody, Mass.) With the next generation Monochromated Transmission Electron Microscope, JEOL, a leader in development of electron microscopes for imaging and analysis, introduces the latest technology for cutting edge research in development of new materials.

The JEOL Monochromated ARM200F offers ultrahigh energy resolution EELS analysis of materials at the atomic scale, made possible by the development of a unique Spot-in-Spot-out double Wein filter monochromator. The double Wein filter maintains the spot size of the electron beam and the lattice resolution in STEM by producing an achromatic and stigmatic focus at the exit plane, resulting in a round probe on the specimen plane.

“The Monochromated ARM has superior low kV performance and is an elegant design for outstanding EELS analysis,” says Dr. Thomas Isabell, Director of Product Management at JEOL USA headquarters in Peabody, Massachusetts. “It produces a true, round monochromatic beam and atomic resolution at any energy resolution.”

The Monochromated ARM200F is capable of achieving sub 30 meV energy resolution at 200 kV and less than 15 meV while operating at 30 kV.  This energy resolution opens up research in such areas as phononics, plasmonics and studies of chemical bonding.

More data and technology descriptions can be seen at http://bit.lyMonoTEM.

JEOL’s extensive TEM product line includes 120kV, 200kV, and 300kV systems for materials and biological applications.

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