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JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

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(May 2, 2022, Peabody, Mass.)

JEOL USA enters a new era of innovation with the introduction of metal additive manufacturing technology into North America backed by an extensive service and support network. JEOL, Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has entered the equipment production phase for the JEOL JAM-5200EBM, a new Electron Beam Melting (EBM) powder bed fusion machine that significantly improves productivity, quality, and reliability to produce stronger and lighter parts for a variety of applications.

JEOL EBM technology enables customers to:

  • Maximize Operational Equipment Efficiency
  • Reduce downtime with a long-life cathode of over 1,500 hours
  • Eliminate smoke events and trapped gasses with a clean, helium-free environment and “e-shield”.
  • Deliver rapid resolutions with JEOL USA’s extensive service and after sales support network of over 180 field service engineers
  • Enable 24/7 production via remote monitoring of conditions and manufacturing status
  • Optimize Material Performance and Minimize Defects
    • Minimize powder scattering and smoke related defects with unique pre-heat scan strategy
    • Achieve high productivity, reproducibility, and accuracy with automatic correction of focus and spot shape of the electron beam based on our market leading electron beam lithography systems.
    • Process high temperature alloys with 1100°C build temperature capability
    • Control microstructure and stresses with between layer-to-layer thermal management
  • Achieve maximum manufacturing capacity of 250mm (diameter) x 400mm (height) with initial launch materials of Ti6Al4V, Ni718, and pure copper

What makes the JEOL JAM-5200EBM unique in this growing field is JEOL’s decades-long expertise in the development and production of advanced electron optics technology used for research and industrial applications. JEOL is the market leader in electron optics systems and is already involved in the 3D printing value stream from materials characterization and particle analysis to imaging and chemical analysis. Additionally, the JAM-5200EBM’s electron beam technology draws upon JEOL’s 50-year experience in development and production of generations of mask writing and spot beam lithography tools with unique vacuum technology.

The company expects their new technology will be especially critical in serial production of high quality, reproducible metal parts used in the aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors. EBM technology makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption and increase output, reduce the cost, improve efficiency, and shorten development time, integration of multiple parts, and weight reduction. JEOL USA is expanding partnerships to integrate this 3D printing technology into mainstream production. JEOL will be introducing this new technology at the upcoming RAPID TCT event. You will find the team at Booth #1313. 

“Our long history of development and production of advanced, field-proven electron microscopy and electron beam technology, combined with JEOL’s extensive service and support network, is an opportunity to integrate quality, reliability, and productivity into the employment of this innovative technology,” said JEOL USA President, Robert Pohorenec.  

JEOL USA will introduce the new E-Beam Metal AM 3D Printer at Rapid TCT in Detroit, Michigan May 17-19, 2022, in booth #1313.

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