NEW! GC/Triple Quadrupole MS
for trace analysis.

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High Resolution Mass Spectrometers


Reflectron Time-of-Flight

Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight

  • InfiTOF
    -Portable gas analysis system
    -Real-time direct gas injection
  • SpiralTOF™
    -Ultrahigh resolution TOF
    -Monoisotopic precursor selection for MS/MS

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Magnetic Sector

  • MStation
    -GC/MS, direct probe
    -Dioxin analysis
30 APR

Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Science


Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Science

Unique chemical compositions provide clues to the identity of trace evidence, powders, and fragments of materials when analyzed by mass spectrometry. JEOL offers a unique solution for real time analysis that frees the investigator from typical sample preparation and provides instant results.

JEOL's unique Mass Spectrometry system identifies a wide range of materials, vapors, and liquids by their chemical composition, and enables direct analysis in real time of unadulterated samples including:

  • white powders
  • trace evidence
  • explosives
  • illicit drugs
  • plant materials
  • inks and dyes
  • fingerprints
  • bodily fluids 
  • contraband
  • tapes and adhesives
  • fibers
  • smokeless powders
  • rubber
  • questioned documents
  • flavors and fragrances

The AccuTOF™-DART® has revolutionized mass spectrometry by providing comprehensive chemical analysis in real time, without the sample preparation required for traditional techniques. The AccuTOF-DART has gained widespread use at leading forensics labs. 

  • Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) ion source
  • Open air analysis with virtually no sample prep
  • Analyzes virtually anything you put in front of the source
  • Provides exact mass measurements
  • High dynamic range, high sensitivity
  • Reduced chemical background
  • Easy to use

Forensic Applications of AccuTOF™-DART®

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