NEW! GC/Triple Quadrupole MS
for trace analysis.

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High Resolution Mass Spectrometers


Reflectron Time-of-Flight

Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight

  • InfiTOF
    -Portable gas analysis system
    -Real-time direct gas injection
  • SpiralTOF™
    -Ultrahigh resolution TOF
    -Monoisotopic precursor selection for MS/MS

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Magnetic Sector

  • MStation
    -GC/MS, direct probe
    -Dioxin analysis
30 APR

Mass Spectrometry for Petroleum / Environmental


Mass Spectrometry for Petroleum / Environmental

Petroleum accounts for a large percentage of the world's energy consumption.

Petroleum is an extraordinarily complex material composed of many types of hydrocarbons with a wide variety of properties, making them difficult to analyze.

The soft ionization capability of the AccuTOF-GCx, combined with new software tools, simplifies the analysis of data sets from complex mixtures.

Further Reading

Petroleum Applications

Environmental Applications

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