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JIB-4610F is an easy-to-use, out-lens type scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with a Schottky electron gun, as well as a new FIB column capable of large current processing (maximum ion current 90nA) installed into one chamber. JIB-4610F enables high-resolution SEM observation after high-speed cross-section milling with FIB, and high-speed analysis with a variety of analytical instruments, such as energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) that takes advantage of the Schottky electron gun delivering a large probe current (200nA), electron back scatter diffraction (EBSD) to perform crystallographic characterization, and cathodoluminescence (CLD). In addition, the 3D analysis function Cut & See is included in the standard configuration, allowing cross-section milling to be executed automatically at fixed intervals, while acquiring SEM images for each cross section. 

Faster, wider area processing

The adoption of the new FIB column provides a maximum ion current of 90nA at an accelerating voltage of 30kV, achieving resolutions of 4nm.

As a result, even faster processing than that available with the conventional instruments is possible. (More than 1.5 times faster processing than existing instruments (in-house comparison).) This is especially useful for processing large areas (volumes).

It is also possible to remove the damaged-layers due to processing by using an ion beam with a low accelerating voltage, enabling clean, polished surfaces to be obtained.

More accurate analysis

The electron gun column with a maximum probe current of 200nA supports high-speed, high-resolution analysis using techniques like EDS, EBSD and CLD (option). The high-speed analysis also contributes to reducing drift and damage caused by the electron beam. This JEOL-proven Schottky electron gun column enables acquisition of highly-reliable data due to improved electron-beam stability and mechanical stability.

3D observation, 3D analysis

By combining various types of analysis units (options) with a large-current FIB and a high-resolution SEM incorporating a Schottky electron gun, the following functions can be achieved:

  • Automatic, continuous processing and observation of SEM images using Cut & See.
  • Automatic, continuous data acquisition of EDS and EBSD mapping.

Stacking and overlapping the continuously acquired images makes it possible to perform various types of three-dimensional observations and analyses (option). Furthermore, the data can be acquired for any type of analysis without tilting or rotating the stage.

An even wider range of applications

By installing a cooling stage and Cryo unit (option), it is possible to reduce thermal damage due to ion-beam irradiation during FIB processing. The Cryo unit is also effective for processing and observing specimens that contain water.

Compatibility with other JEOL products

Since the specimen holders for the JIB-4610F can also be used with the JEOL FE-SEM instruments, specimens can be loaded between instruments without transferring them to a different holder. This allows more efficient observation and processing, with the use of navigation functions to set and find the desired positions for observations and processing (option).

Furthermore, as an option, using a shuttle retainer to ensure compatibility between the TEM holder tip and JIB series stage facilitates mounting the sample, further improving throughput.