AccuTOF™ GCx Technology


AccuTOF™ GCx Time-of-Flight Mass Analyzer Design Features

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The AccuTOF GCx is built upon our orthogonal-acceleration, reflectron, time-of-flight AccuTOF analyzer platform. This design employs an ADC-based digitizer to deliver an extended dynamic range without compromising mass accuracy. The detector uses a dual microchannel plate (MCP) capable of detecting ions with high sensitivity. To ensure optimum MCP operation and longevity, the AccuTOF GCx also implements a low acceleration ion-transfer system uniquely designed to continuously remove helium carrier gas ions. Since the number of helium ions striking the detector is greatly attenuated, MCP lifetimes are maximized.

To simplify and streamline ion source changeover and maintenance, AccuTOF GCx utilizes a socket-type, chamber source design. In this ion source design, the active ion volume is readily accessible. Thus, thorough ion source cleaning is much easier and the time required to clean the ion source is greatly reduced. Additionally, the chamber design makes removing and installing the source straightforward. Finally, because AccuTOF GCx has a vacuum isolation valve, it is possible to keep the analyzer under vacuum when cleaning or exchanging the ion source.


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