High Resolution Mass Spectrometers


Reflectron Time-of-Flight

Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight

  • InfiTOF
    -Portable gas analysis system
    -Real-time direct gas injection
  • SpiralTOF™
    -Ultrahigh resolution TOF
    -Monoisotopic precursor selection for MS/MS

Magnetic Sector

  • MStation
    -GC/MS, direct probe
    -Dioxin analysis

Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Science


Unique chemical compositions provide clues to the identity of trace evidence, powders, and fragments of materials when analyzed by mass spectrometry. JEOL offers a unique solution for real time analysis that frees the investigator from typical sample preparation and provides instant results.

JEOL's unique Mass Spectrometry system identifies a wide range of materials, vapors, and liquids by their chemical composition, and enables direct analysis in real time of unadulterated samples including:

  • white powders
  • trace evidence
  • explosives
  • illicit drugs
  • plant materials
  • inks and dyes
  • fingerprints
  • bodily fluids 
  • contraband
  • tapes and adhesives
  • fibers
  • smokeless powders
  • rubber
  • questioned documents
  • flavors and fragrances

The AccuTOF™-DART® has revolutionized mass spectrometry by providing comprehensive chemical analysis in real time, without the sample preparation required for traditional techniques. The AccuTOF-DART has gained widespread use at leading forensics labs. 

  • Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) ion source
  • Open air analysis with virtually no sample prep
  • Analyzes virtually anything you put in front of the source
  • Provides exact mass measurements
  • High dynamic range, high sensitivity
  • Reduced chemical background
  • Easy to use

Forensic Applications of AccuTOF™-DART®

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