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The Forensic Scientists Fighting Timber Theft

Thirty percent of the world’s wood trade involves timber that was poached—illegally harvested from public or private land.

Using FIB-SEM Tomography to Analyze the Chemical Composition of a Magnet

Currently, one of the major challenges in the automotive industry is the development of direct current (DC) electrical motors. A DC vehicle motor incorporates strong magnetic fields at the rotor location. The higher the magnetic field in a reduced volume, the better the engine efficiency factor. A research team based at JEOL France recently studied the composition of such a magnet using a FIB-SEM technique coupled with a specialized analysis software package.

Exploring Coupled Extreme Environments via In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy

The In-situ Ion Irradiation TEM (I3TEM) at Sandia National Laboratories is a JEOL 2100 microscope that has been highly modified with an array of hardware and software that makes it particularly well suited to explore fundamental mechanisms that arise from coupled extreme conditions. Examples pertaining to multibeam ion irradiation, rapid thermal cycling, and nanomechanical testing on the I3TEM are highlighted, along with prospective advancements in the field of in-situ microscopy.

SEM Imaging and the Benefits of Using Low kV

In this interview, AZoM speaks to Vern Robertson, EPMA Product Manager at JEOL USA, about the benefits of using a low kV in SEM imaging.

Exploring Oxidative Pathways in Nuclear Fuel

Powerful atomic-resolution instruments and techniques at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are revealing new information about the interaction of uranium dioxide (UO2) with water. These new insights will improve the understanding of how spent nuclear fuel will degrade in deep geologic repository environments.

High-resolution MS coupled to Photoionisation-GC×GC for Petrochemicals Characterisation

Article using our AccuTOF GCx-plus (GC×GC-HRMS) with the photoionisation (PI) soft ionization technique.

JEOL Ltd. is ranked 38th in the world by Nature for 2020

Each year Nature Magazine publishes their ranking highlighting the institutions and countries that dominated high quality research in the natural sciences in 2019 as tracked by Nature Index.  This year JEOL Ltd. have come in 38th globally for the corporate sector and 4th in Japan.  This  is a reflection of the collaboration centers JEOL Ltd. has established at several universities and national labs.

Rigaku allies with JEOL to develop an integrated MicroED platform

Rigaku allies with JEOL to develop an integrated MicroED platform

Crime-fighting Wood Forensics Lab Relocates to be More Collaborative

Crime-fighting Wood Forensics Lab Relocates to be More Collaborative

Advanced Microscopy Techniques for New Insights in Materials and Technology

New electrical, mechanical, and chemical testing capabilities give SEMs the feel of a self-contained "nano-laboratory."
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