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A Useful Tool for Every User! New Electron Microscope JEM-120i Released

JEOL (President and CEO: Izumi Oi) announces the release of the new electron microscope JEM-120i developed with the concepts of "Compact", "Easy To Use", and "Expandable" on May 30, 2024. Electron microscopes are utilized in a wide range of fields from biotechnology to nano technology, polymers, and advanced materials. With the expansion of application, usages are also expanding, which requires a tool that is easy-to-use for research and testing purposes. To satisfy such needs, the ...
JEOL E-Beam System Successfully Lands at Neighborhood 91:  A New Chapter in Additive Manufacturing

JEOL E-Beam System Successfully Lands at Neighborhood 91: A New Chapter in Additive Manufacturing

Pittsburgh, PA | Oct 4, 2023– JEOL, a world-renowned leader in electron optics and advanced technology solutions, proudly announces the arrival of the JAM-5200EBM Electron Beam-Powder Bed Fusion system to Cumberland Additive located at Neighborhood 91, the advanced manufacturing production campus at Pittsburgh International Airport. JEOL's leadership joined the Cumberland team this week to formally introduced the JAM-5200EBM to invited guests. The JAM-5200EBM made an impressive debut in North America as the system was fully ...
JEOL Introduces Advanced Techniques for Next-Generation Battery and Energy Materials

JEOL Introduces Advanced Techniques for Next-Generation Battery and Energy Materials at Pittcon 2023

(February 7, 2023 Peabody, Mass.) --  JEOL Electron Microscopes, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers, and Mass Spectrometers are used for research in nearly every scientific discipline including life sciences, materials science, forensics, and drug discovery.  At Pittcon 2023 (March 18-22), JEOL will focus on “The Science of Energy” with specialized imaging and analysis solutions for researchers who are developing battery materials, including Lithium-ion batteries. JEOL technology is also helping researchers to improve petroleum, solar, and ...

National Fish and Wildlife Forensic Mobile Lab Announcement

The JEOL AccuTOF™-DART® 4G mass spectrometer has been chosen as one of the key technologies in a new mobile laboratory developed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  The new lab was officially christened on November 3, 2022 at the Clark R. Bavin National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory in Ashland Oregon.1 The new laboratory, nicknamed “The Woodshed”, was constructed to carry out timber analyses at ports of entry. It will be used to identify ...

Drug Discovery Platform Solutions Using JEOL’s 800 MHz NMR!

NJ Biopharmaceuticals LLC and JEOL Ltd. Are Excited to Announce Their Collaboration to Bring Innovative Drug Discovery Platform Solutions Using JEOL’s 800 MHz NMR! We're excited to share the news that NJ Bio is procuring an 800 MHz NMR spectrometer with a cryogenic probe from JEOL. As part of this collaboration, NJ Bio will contribute its expertise in antibody drug conjugates, oligonucleotide conjugates, and other chemistries to develop platform solutions for its drug discovery clients ...

JEOL Introduces the Next Generation of JEOL NMR Spectrometers: The ECZ Luminous Series

Peabody, MA – JEOL USA is proud to announce the next generation of JEOL NMR spectrometers: the ECZ Luminous series. This product is a next step in spectrometer miniaturization and improving performance through state-of-the-art digital and high-frequency technologies. JEOL USA is a subsidiary of JEOL ltd, a well-respected manufacturer of  cutting-edge scientific equipment with more than 65 years of experience in producing advanced NMR systems.   New ECZL series features MFDS (Multi Frequency Drive System) that ...

Covalent Metrology and JEOL Announce Partnership, Silicon Valley Demonstration Facility

The two leaders announced a partnership that includes a new JEOL demonstration facility located in Covalent’s Silicon Valley lab. The partnership will accelerate applications development and broaden client access to a suite of state-of-art instrumentation and analytical services. December 07, 2021 – Sunnyvale, CA. Covalent Metrology, a leading North American provider of analytical services, announces its partnership with JEOL a global leader in the development of cutting-edge scientific instruments used in microscopy, analytical chemistry, and ...

24 Hours of Life Science Conference

On June 2, 2021, JEOL will focus on advances in life science research using electron microscopy in its “24 Hours of Life Science” conference. Twenty-four different sessions throughout the full day will cover topics including: - Connectomics and the study of complete volumes of tissues or materials captured at high resolution - Correlative microscopy using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy to collect large areas of TEM-like data at multiple depths, overcoming the challenge of small ...
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JEOL USA Welcomes New Managing Director, Hidetaka Sawada

April 19, 2021 Peabody, Mass. -- JEOL USA welcomes a new Managing Director, Dr. Hidetaka Sawada, to its Peabody, Massachusetts office this April. Dr. Sawada is a world-renowned expert in aberration corrected electron microscopy. Most recently he served as General Manager of the Technical and Development group in the Electron Microscopy Business Unit of JEOL, Ltd. in Akishima, Japan. Dr. Sawada’s expertise includes the development and installation of the aberration-corrected (Cs) Transmission Electron Microscopes for ...

JEOL Announces 2020 Microscopy Image Grand Prize Winners

January 7, 2021, Peabody, Mass. - JEOL USA awarded two Grand Prizes to winners of its 2020 Electron Microscopy Image Contest, and kicked off its 2021 Image Contest at the beginning of the new year. The annual contest showcases JEOL microscope users’ artistically or esthetically pleasing images with good composition, sharp focus, and technical competency, especially in the use of accelerating voltage. The Grand Prize Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Image award was given to Lita ...
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