JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL USA Press Releases


JEOL USA Press Releases

JEOL E-Beam System Successfully Lands at Neighborhood 91:  A New Chapter in Additive Manufacturing

Pittsburgh, PA | Oct 4, 2023– JEOL, a world-renowned leader in electron optics and advanced technology solutions, proudly announces the arrival of the JAM-5200EBM Electron Beam-Powder Bed Fusion system to Cumberland Additive located at Neighborhood 91, the advanced manufacturing production campus at Pittsburgh International Airport. JEOL's leadership joined the Cumberland team this week to formally introduced the JAM-5200EBM to invited guests.

The JAM-5200EBM made an impressive debut in North America as the system was fully operational within just six days of arrival, a testament to its engineering excellence. The JEOL team further demonstrated its capabilities by producing an AMS 7032 compliant build within three weeks of installation, generating valuable data on the system's performance and repeatability across various build geometries. The same JAM-5200EBM machine had already completed an operational qualification per AMS 7032 specification at its manufacturing factory site in Japan where the results demonstrated that the machine is capable of meeting AMS 7011 specification minimums for Electron Beam-Powder Bed Fusion machines.

Cumberland Additive CEO Dawne Hickton officially welcomed JEOL to the production floor in Neighborhood 91 commenting, “This collaboration with JEOL signifies a new era in advanced additive manufacturing at Neighborhood 91. We look forward to harnessing the capabilities of the JAM-5200EBM E-Beam system and unlocking new possibilities in the world of materials science and 3D printing."

JEOL USA President Robert Pohorenec highlighted the significance of this partnership and the revolutionary advancements in additive manufacturing technology that JEOL is bringing to the table, “JEOL has been the leading supplier of electron-beam based imaging instruments and manufacturing tools for seventy-five years and has a well-established global customer service organization. However, we are a relative newcomer to the additive manufacturing machine market. The opportunity to collaborate with an additive manufacturing leader like Cumberland Additive in the Neighborhood 91 Additive Manufacturing campus provides us the perfect partner and location to introduce the JAM-5200EBM electron beam system in North America and to demonstrate our commitment to customer service.”

The JAM5200EBM system will initially focus on Titanium alloy, but the system is easily adaptable with the addition of a second hopper and feeder system. This will enable a seamless transition to produce components in Pure Copper and Nickel 718 alloy, expanding the range of possibilities for Neighborhood 91 and its collaborators.

JEOL is excited to share the insights and outcomes of its success meeting the qualification standards of AMS7032 build with the wider community. To facilitate this, the company will host a webinar on November 1st, offering an in-depth discussion of the results, capabilities, and future prospects of this cutting-edge AM system. Furthermore, JEOL will be actively participating at Formnext 2023, providing an opportunity for industry professionals to experience the JAM-5200EBM firsthand.


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