• Intuitive, point and shoot operation
  • Fully automated, fast imaging and analysis
  • Powerful performance at your fingertip
  • Large specimen chamber


  • DART® and ambient ionization for rapid analysis
  • AccuTOF™-DART® databases for drugs, explosives,
    inks, and materials
  • Powerful tools for identifying unknown substances

Secondary electron image - bullet casing

Flash powder

Rabbit hair

Mass spectrum of cocaine, heroin and fentanyl on currency

EDS analysis of rat poison

DART MS of a smokeless powder particle

Forensic Science

JEOL Scanning Electron Microscopes and Mass Spectrometers are used by forensic investigators in crime labs, forensic science centers, and government agencies. The imaging and analytical ability of these sensitive yet easy-to-use instruments reveal physical and chemical details about evidence and provide answers to questions of identification.

Focus on the evidence. Preserve the evidence. Investigate and compare. JEOL scanning electron microscopes enable imaging and analysis of the smallest details in forensic microscopy. Investigators can calculate 3D measurements from stereo images, contrast and compare fine details, and determine elemental composition. With its large specimen chamber and automated eucentric stage, the InTouchScope series SEM can accommodate large pieces of evidence in their native state for both imaging and chemical analysis.

JEOL high throughput SEMs focus on the smallest details and enable both high resolution imaging and chemical analysis for crime scene investigation and accident reconstruction. The SEM provides forensic details regarding:

  • fibers
  • glass
  • metal parts
  • electronic components
  • ballistics
  • explosive residues
  • toxicology
  • arson investigation
  • gunshot residue
  • trace evidence
  • failure analysis
  • drug analysis
  • paint chips
  • plant materials

JEOL Scanning Electron Microscopes are versatile, easy-to-use, high throughput instruments for the forensic scientist. Learn more about the JSM-IT500HR.

  • High resolution imaging and analysis
  • Wide magnification range up to 300,000X
  • Large specimen chamber for non-destructive analysis
  • Automated motorized stage
  • Fast navigation, high throughput
  • Comprehensive analytical tools
  • Low and high vacuum operation
  • Easy to use

A smaller, more portable benchtop SEM, the NeoScope offers simple operation and functionality to suit the needs of many forensic investigations.

  • Zeromag – Simplifies Navigation and enhances throughput.  Provides a seamless transition from an optical (or holder graphic) to SEM image
  • Highly-advanced Auto functions for automatic condition setting and image formation in minutes
  • High resolution (100,000X) and large depth of field
  • High and low vacuum modes for managing a wide variety of samples
  • Large chamber: maximum sample size 80mm (D) x 50mm (H)
  • Advanced functions built-in such as: Automated montage and Live 3D Imaging
  • Option: Fully embedded EDS with Live (real-time) analysis
  • Smile View™ Lab for integrated management of image and analysis data

Unique chemical compositions provide clues to the identity of trace evidence, powders, and fragments of materials when analyzed by mass spectrometry. JEOL offers a unique solution for real time analysis that frees the investigator from typical sample preparation and provides instant results.


JEOL's unique Mass Spectrometry system identifies a wide range of materials, vapors, and liquids by their chemical composition, and enables direct analysis in real time of unadulterated samples including:

  • white powders
  • trace evidence
  • explosives
  • illicit drugs
  • plant materials
  • inks and dyes
  • fingerprints
  • bodily fluids 
  • contraband
  • tapes and adhesives
  • fibers
  • smokeless powders
  • rubber
  • questioned documents
  • flavors and fragrances

The AccuTOF™-DART® has revolutionized mass spectrometry by providing comprehensive chemical analysis in real time, without the sample preparation required for traditional techniques. The AccuTOF-DART has gained widespread use at leading forensics labs. 

  • Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) ion source
  • Open air analysis with virtually no sample prep
  • Analyzes virtually anything you put in front of the source
  • Provides exact mass measurements
  • High dynamic range, high sensitivity
  • Reduced chemical background
  • Easy to use
  • click for closeup view
AccuTOF-DART® Analysis of Smokeless Powders
Analysis of Biological Fluids
Analysis of duct tapes by thermal desorption and pyrolysis mass spectrometry and X-ray-fluorescence spectroscopy
Chemical Analysis of Fingerprints
Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents on Surfaces
Detection of Explosives in Muddy Water
Detection of the Peroxide Explosives TATP and HMTD
Direct Analysis of Adhesives
Direct Analysis of Drugs in Pills and Capsules with No Sample Preparation
Fiber analysis by thermal desorption - pyrolysis DART®
Instantaneous Detection of Explosives on Clothing
Instantaneous Detection of Illicit Drugs on Currency
Instantaneous Detection of Opiates in Single Poppy Seeds
Instantaneous Detection of the “Date-Rape” Drug -- GHB
Instantaneous Screening for Counterfeit Drugs with No Sample Preparation