One probe,
no compromise.

Get instant access to our ROYAL HFX NMR Probe infokit to see the data behind some of this revolutionary product's key benefits.

JEOL’s ROYALPROBE™ HFX is the only probe on the market to use patented magnetic coupling technology to allow the high frequency coil to be dual-tuned to 1H and 19F, or single tuned to 1H or 19F. We’ve compiled its key benefits into a free toolkit of information, packed with experimental data and solutions to your fluorine detection challenges.

Complete the form to receive instant access to this data-packed infokit.

Your infokit includes:

  • A presentation about the Probe’s cutting-edge capabilities for fluorine detection, including key experimental data.
  • Application note illustrating the simplification afforded by the routine application of triple-resonance NMR to clearly assign voriconazole to fluorine.
  • Application note detailing structure elucidation of fluorinated compounds by NMR.
  • Key application examples for the Probe.
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