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    • Revealing the Latent Atomic World through Data-Driven Microscopy
    • Imaging Zeolite Architecture by Hight Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy: When Physical and Chemical Etching Meet
    • Low-Dose Atomic-Resolution Observation of Beam-Sensitive Materials via OBF STEM
    • Advanced Analytical Methods for the Evaluations of Olefin Polymerization Catalysts and Produced Polymers
    • A Practical Method for the Measurement of 183W NMR Signals in Solution: Challenge to Multinuclear Solution NMR
    • Introduction of Various Application Examples Obtained by Multi-Purpose TEM (JEM-F200) with Various Attachments
    • TEM Sample Preparation using JIB-PS500i and Multi-Purpose FIB-SEM
    • msFineANalysis AI Novel Qualitative Analysis Software for JMS-T2000GC with AI Structural Analysis
    • He-less Light Element Analysis using a Low-Vacuum Liquid Sample Capsule by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

JEOL NEWS Magazine (previous issues)

Vol. 34 No. 1, July 1999

A 1000kV TEM Running Over 25 Years
• Atomic Resolution Z-Contrast Imaging of Interfaces and Defects
• The Growing Role of Electron Crystallography in Structural Biology
• Factors Promoting R&D in Electron Microscopy in Japan
• The Development and Assessment of a High Performance FE Gun Analytical HREM for Materials Science Applications
• Immunogold-labeling in Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Measure Contact Potential Difference Using an Ultrahigh Vacuum Noncontact Atomic Force Microscope
• Microscopic Chemical State Analysis by FE-SAM with Hemispherical Energy Analyzer
• Miniaturized STM Working Simultaneously in UHV Electron Microscope
• High-Resolution Electron-Beam Lithography and Its Application toMOS Devices
• Development of Optical Technology for JEOL's Electron Probe Instruments
• Observation of Protein Structures through an Electron Beam
• Transition of JEOL's Semiconductor Equipment, and Future Development
• Applicatrion of Semi-in-Lens FESEM for Chargeless Observation
• Development History of JEOL's Transmission Electron Microscopes

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