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November 2019

Ben Muller.jpg

JEOL SEM Applications Team Welcomes Ben Muller

Ben Muller joined JEOL's SEM applications team in late September, and in that short time has already taught two classes and assisted several customers with applications support and sample preparation work.  Ben’s expertise in electron microscopy was acquired while studying at University of Oregon for his Master’s Degree in Physical Chemistry. His research focused on polymorphic behavior of crystalline acetaminophen, and thanks to his experience at the Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon ...

Krish Krishnamurthy

CRAFT for NMR: challenging conventions to achieve faster, more accurate analysis

Above: Krish Krishnamurthy pictured, most likely discussing his favorite topic. NMR data contains a trove of useful information for answering a wide variety of chemical and biological problems. However, with this broad utility comes complexity. Converting an NMR spectrum into useable information is a challenge because the workflow for NMR data analysis is primarily based on manual processing and interpretation of each individual spectrum. This can be a labour-intensive process which quickly becomes unfeasible as ...