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January 2018

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Science and Art Combine for Winning SEM Images

Title: Nano Nemo on the Water Subject: Nano-sized layers of Ti2C particles representing the imaginary Nemo character in Pixar's "Finding Nemo" animation. Ti2C synthesized by selective etching and is a promising electrode material for energy storage devices Credit: Armin VahidMohammadi, Auburn University Method/Instrument: JEOL JSM-7000F. The first thing one notices about the images that Armin Vahid Mohammadi has created is that they are visually striking. Details and shapes emerge from the background, bearing a strong resemblance to animation ...

December 2017

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Marine Science research yields winning SEM image

While researching bryozoans, marine organisms, from the unprecedented transoceanic biological rafting event caused by the 2011 Japanese tsunami, Megan McCuller found the opportunity to use an SEM at a nearby college in Maine. She produced this image of a suctorian, an aquatic organism she was simply interested in seeing up close and then decided to try colorizing for the JEOL Image Contest. She also took more than 30 images for her research, some of ...