SEM Navigator

SEM Navigator is a standalone benchtop digital microscope/camera system that provides users with a way of creating and storing high quality optical images of samples prior to loading them into the electron microscope.

SEM Navigator

Once in the SEM, the acquired digital image may be panned and zoomed to quickly pinpoint areas of interest and easily navigate across the sample for imaging at higher magnifications or further analysis with EDS, CL, or backscatter imaging.

The system is comprised of a benchtop high resolution 15 Megapixel USB microscope/camera working in conjunction with Image Navigator software written specifically for JEOL microscopes. The specimen holder is secured in place on the camera base via the matching dovetail holder of the instrument, which allows for quick and easy navigation with no alignment of the images required.

SEM Navigator System Overview

  • Ideal for navigating high resolution images with pan and zoom functionality for navigation to precise points of interest.
  • High resolution 15 megapixel camera with variable top light source.
  • Ideal for larger samples or sample holders (6 in field of view).
  • Docking stand with dovetail simulates microscope stages.
  • Calibration at installation only. No P/Q alignment required for each image.
  • Image Navigator software can be used with any optical image (camera, microscope, smart phone) with quick two-point alignment.
  • Camera and software can be used and networked with multiple instruments (requires additional licenses).
  • Perfect for geological thin sections with the optional transmitted polarized illuminator with rotatable nicols.

SEM Navigator Product Note

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