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JAMP-9510F Field Emission
Auger Microprobe

The JAMP-9510F offers the highest spatial resolution available in a microprobe: (min. probe diameter of 3nm SEI; 8nm for Auger analysis). Employing a low-aberration condenser lens (in which an electrostatic field and a magnetic field are superposed), combined with a patented "in-lens' Schottky field emission gun, the JAMP-9510F obtains very small spot sizes with beam currents up to 200nA.

The electron spectrometer is an electrostatic hemispherical analyzer (HSA) with a multi-channel detector, and was optimally designed for Auger analysis. It provides extreme energy resolution without sacrificing sensitivity.

With the JAMP-9510F, high resolution SEM imaging is possible as well as Auger image analysis and line profile analysis. Also, depth profile analysis can be performed during ion etching.

The JAMP-9510F features a high performance ion gun for high speed sputtering and low energy charge neutralization. User-friendly and easily operated, the JAMP-9510F also offers the flexibility of optional analysis functions such as EDS and XPS.

JAMP-9510F Details

  • 3nm SEI resolution
  • 8nm probe diameter for Auger analysis
  • Variable energy resolution from 0.05% to 0.6%
  • Chemical state analysis in several 10nm areas
  • Neutralizing gun allows Auger analysis of insulating materials
  • Large specimen stage - samples up to 95mm in diameter


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