Thermal, Analytical FE SEM

The JEOL JSM-7610FPlus Field Emission SEM combines two proven technologies – a semi-in-lens detector with integrated electron energy filter (r-filter) and an in-the-lens Schottky field emission gun – to deliver ultrahigh spatial resolution with a wide range of probe currents for all applications (1pA to more than 200 nA). The JSM-7610FPlus offers true 1,000,000X magnification with 0.8nm resolution at 15kV (1.0nm at 1kV) and unmatched beam stability, making it possible to observe the fine surface morphology of nanostructures.

JSM-7610FPlus Field Emission SEM

The JSM-7610FPlus successfully integrates a full set of detectors for secondary electrons, backscattered electrons, EDS, WDS, STEM, EBSD, CL, and more. It is a top-of-the-line SEM for semiconductors, nanotechnology, material science, lithography, and compositional and structural analysis.

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JSM-7610FPlus Thermal, Analytical FE SEM Details

  • Ultrahigh spatial resolution.
  • In-Lens Thermal Field Emission Gun.
  • Aperture angle control lens (ACL) to automatically optimize the spot size at both high and low currents for both analysis and imaging.
  • High probe current up to 200 nA (at 15 kV) for various analytical techniques (WDS, EDS, EBSD, CL, etc.).
  • Built-in r-filter enabling user selectable mixture of secondary electron and backscattered electron images.
  • Gentle Beam mode for top-surface imaging, reduced beam damage and charge suppression.
  • A standard LABE detector for detecting very low energy and very low angle backscattered electrons.
  • Eco design for energy conservation.
  • Large specimen chamber (200mm diameter sample).

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