In recent years, there is an increasing demand for high level automation of TEM control to acquire images, and to control the TEM remotely. Until now, it was necessary to develop programs using TEM external control (TEMExt) written in C ++, but users had to learn a higher level of programming to create useful functions in C ++ language and there were only a few functions available in TEMExt. PyJEM has solved this problem. Since PyJEM is a python library, we can interactively control any JEOL TEM. In addition, this high level of automation is aiding in full remote control of TEM/STEM systems.

What you can do with PyJEM

With PyJEM, it is relatively easy to control the TEM itself and acquire images. By combining this with a rich Python library you can create a variety of applications.

  • Electronic optical system control:
    Beam control, detector In/Out, magnification change, brightness change, etc.
  • Stage control:
    Absolute position movement, Relative position movement, Piezoelectric movement, etc.
  • Image acquisition:
    STEM or TEM image acquisition, image storage type change, resolution specification, etc.
  • Auto functions:
    Auto Focus, Auto Contrast/Brightness, Auto Stigmator, etc.
  • To access PyJEM documentation, script examples and a community forum please signup at the below GitHub link.

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