TEMography™ 3-D Reconstruction Software

TEMography™ 3-D Reconstruction Software

TEMography™ is a novel software package based on the Computerized Tomography (CT) reconstruction method that automates data acquisition, 3-D reconstruction and visualization on JEOL transmission electron microscopes.

Typical datasets for 3-D reconstructions require 70 or more 2-D projections of the object to be modeled. Manually tilting the specimen and collecting images at each tilt step could generate the projections, but this tedious procedure yields limited results for the following reasons: mechanical imperfections of the goniometer render the tilt axis unstable, the specimen is not at eucentric position, or the tilt axis is not aligned to the optical axis.

With TEMography automated tilt series data collection, the ideal resolution range of 2-5nm, similar to that obtained by means of the more labor-intensive serial section reconstruction method, should be achievable.

Features of TEMography software include:

  • Automated specimen tilt and acquisition of TEM images
  • Automated 3-D reconstruction
  • High-precision reconstruction

A separate computer is maintained off-line for 3-D reconstruction and data visualization. The software is PC-based with a simple operation panel. Post-acquisition processing of exported TIFF files can be accomplished by means of a range of third party software. Because of the modular design of the software, application of the software package in areas such as pathology, semiconductor and life sciences is possible.

TEM images of DNA in tilting series using TEMography 
DNA-RFC Reconstructed image
Wire-frame display
Iso-surface 3-D display

Courtesy of Dr. J. Usukura of Nagoya University and
Dr. T. Tsurimoto of the Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Interview with Dr. Hiromitsu Furakawa
 (MSC/SMC Bulletin, Vol. 35, No. 3, p11,13 (2007))

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