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25 nm pitch GaInAs/InP buried structure: Improvement by calixarene as an electron beam resist and tertiarybutylphosphine as a P source in organometallic vapor phase epitaxy regrowth

To achieve a fine periodic semiconductor structure by electron beam (EB) lithography, calixarene was used as an EB resist. A 25 nm pitch InP pattern was formed successfully and 40 nm pitch InP structures were achieved with good reproducibility. A shorter developing time, precise stage motion, accurate control of the widths of lines and spaces, and slight O2 ashing were important to obtain a fine InP pattern by a two-step wet chemical etching process. Furthermore, the fabricated periodic InP pattern was buried in a GaInAs structure by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy. The introduction of tertiarybutylphosphine as the phosphorous source prevented the fine structure from deforming when the temperature was raised and a 25 nm pitch periodic structure was buried successfully.

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