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High-purity, ultrahigh-resolution calixarene electron-beam negative resist

Calixarene is a promising high-resolution negative electron-beam resist having a resolution of the order of 10 nm because of its low molecular weight. We have made a purified calixarene resist containing metal contaminants whose concentrations are measured in parts per billion and which therefore do not degrade the performance of silicon-based electron devices. The purity of the calixarene itself was also improved and we obtained high-purity calix[6]arene and high-purity calix[7]arene, both of which contain the main component, which is more than 95% of all the calixarene present. The resolution of both purified calixarene resists is almost the same as that of the unpurified calixarene, but the sensitivity of calix[7]arene is higher than that of calix[6]arene because its molecular weight is higher.

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