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High-Resolution Electron-Beam Lithography and Its Application to MOS Devices

A point electron-beam lithography system using a thermal field emitter (TFE) allows us to use a nanometer-level fine electron beam to investigate nano-fabrication techniques and minute devices. We developed an organic negative resist, called calixarene, which has low molecular weight of 972 and almost monodispersity. This resist shows a high resolution of about 10 nm when it is exposed to an electron-beam system of 50 kV using TFE. The newly developed resist has been applied in order to fabricate an EJ-MOSFET (electrically variable shallow junction metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor). A 14-nm-gate-length EJ-MOSFET was fabricated by using a calixarene resist and an electron-beam exposure system, and showed MOS device performance.

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