JEOL USA Demonstration Facilities

SEM LabJEOL offers customers two primary locations for demonstration and applications support: Peabody, Massachusetts and Pleasanton, California. We invite you to work with us to achieve the best possible analysis of your samples. We have analyzed countless customer samples, ranging from Martian meteorites to lead paint, from pharmaceuticals to explosives, and from microprocessors to micromachines to microorganisms.

Peabody, MA

At our USA headquarters, JEOL houses newly renovated demo labs for SEMs, NMRs, and mass spectrometers. We maintain the most recent models of instruments, and offer renowned expertise in imaging and spectroscopy. A full range of tungsten-based, LV and HV SEMs, a cold cathode high resolution field emission SEM, an SPM, and FIB system are available for demonstrations in the SEM labs. To help our customers with their unique analyses, we maintain the latest versions of hardware and software from 3rd party vendors, including EDS, EBSD, CLD, WDS, and additional detectors.


A full range of NMR spectrometers using Delta Software is available for applications analysis. Our mass spectrometry lab includes GC/MS and LC/MS time-of-flight mass spectrometers, the GCmate benchtop magnetic sector GC/MS system, and the award-winning AccuTOF-DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time) system

Pleasanton, CA

Pleasanton officeAt our west coast applications, service, training, and parts center we offer several SEMs for demonstration and applications analysis. With its location in the Silicon Valley area of California, we are easily accessible to the many high tech businesses, universities, and hospitals in the area who use SEMs in their development and manufacturing.

In-house Demonstrations

JEOL has arrangements with several users of our equipment to allow demonstrations of NMR and mass spectrometers, TEMs, microprobes, and UHVSPMs throughout the United States, should the instrument not be available at one of our demo facilities.