JEOL USA Management Team

Executive Management Team and Board of Directors

Takeshi Kawakami, Managing Director
Takeshi Kawakami
Managing Director
In his role as Managing Director at JEOL USA, Mr. Kawakami is an important liaison between JEOL, Ltd. in Japan and JEOL USA, and is responsible for business administration in North America and Latin America. He has held various sales and general management positions in the company since 1990, including Manager of the Electron Microscopy Sales Promotion Group when the first ARM200F TEM was introduced. He was at JEOL USA from 2013-2018 as Sales Manager for North America and Latin America. JEOL USA welcomed Mr. Kawakami in April 2023 for his second assignment in the U.S.
Robert Pohorenec, President
Robert Pohorenec
Bob Pohorenec was appointed President of JEOL USA in 2019 and Corporate Officer of JEOL, Ltd. in 2024. A thirty-five year veteran of JEOL most recently as Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Service, Bob has held senior management positions in customer service, sales, operations and product development. As President of JEOL USA Bob oversees JEOL’s business operations in the United States and throughout the Americas through JEOL’s subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. Bob is a graduate of Northeastern University.
Dr. Thomas Isabell, Vice President, JEOL USA
Dr. Thomas Isabell
Vice President, Product Management
Dr. Isabell was promoted to Vice President in April 2020. He has been a member of the JEOL management team since 2003, most recently as Director of Product Management, overseeing a team of product managers and scientists responsible for sales support, customer technical support, instrument demonstrations and analytical development for JEOL scientific instrument products. Previously he served as Director of the Transmission Electron Microscope product division, managing a team of scientists and working closely with customers to help keep JEOL at the forefront of TEM technology in materials and life sciences research. He has been instrumental in the introduction of the ARM series TEMs and CryoARM TEMs. Prior to joining JEOL, Dr. Isabell held positions in business development at EmiSpec in Tempe, Arizona and applications support at Fischione Instruments in Export, Pennsylvania. Dr. Isabell received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University.
Collette Hanlon, Vice President, Human Resources
Collette Hanlon
Vice President, Human Resources
Collette joined JEOL USA’s management team in 2009 and skillfully navigated us through a variety of complex employee relations initiatives. Her innovative approach to Human Resources management contributed to the enhancement of our employee programs and communication channels.Collette’s credentials bridge over 20 years as a senior manager with responsibilities in all functional disciplines of Human Resources. Promoted to JEOL’s Board of Directors in April 2014, the addition of Collette’s expertise, insight and judgment will provide an important dimension to the Board of Directors and a new perspective to its deliberations.Collette holds her degree in Business Administration from Salem State University and resides on the North Shore of Massachusetts.
Naoki Shimura, Assistant Managing Director, JEOL USA Service
Chris Rood
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
In 2020 Chris Rood joined the management team after nearly 15 very successful years as the Sales Manager of the Southwestern United States for JEOL USA. In 2022 was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Chris has a background in electron microscopy and ran the SEM lab at Sandia National Labs before coming to work for JEOL USA as an Application Engineer. Chris has a degree in Geophysics from UC Riverside and an MBA from Santa Clara University. As the National Sales Manager, Chris will oversee sales activities for all products in North America. With his positive attitude and easy demeanor, Chris' presence on the USA management team is always welcome.
Naoki Shimura, Assistant Managing Director, JEOL USA Service
Naoki Shimura
Assistant Managing Director and Vice President, Service
Naoki Shimura is Assistant Managing Director of JEOL USA and Vice President of JEOL’s service operations throughout the Americas, which includes 12 service offices in the U.S. and additional offices in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.Mr. Shimura joined JEOL in 1999 as a Field Service Engineer in Japan after first gaining experience as an electron microscope user in a hospital environment doing pathology work. In his first assignment with JEOL, he supported the installation and maintenance of electron microscopes. He was instrumental in training service engineers when he moved to JEOL Asia In 2006. When JEOL began development of the ARM300F Field Emission Atomic Resolution Microscope in 2012, he took on responsibilities in product development and support.Most recently he served as Field Solutions Business Operations Support Manager in Japan while continuing his focus on the ARM300F microscopes. We welcomed Mr. Shimura to the JEOL USA office in Peabody, Massachusetts in May 2021.


Peter Genovese, Chairman Emeritus & Senior Advisor
Peter Genovese
Chairman Emeritus & Senior Advisor
Pete Genovese is Chairman Emeritus of JEOL USA and Senior Advisor to JEOL, Ltd. Pete served as President of JEOL USA from 2009 to 2019 and Corporate Officer to JEOL, LTD. and has held key positions in the JEOL sales organization for 38 years, including: Vice President and General Manager of the Sales and Marketing Division for electron optics and analytical instrumentation; Manager of the New England regional sales area for electron optics; and Assistant Sales Manager of JEOL USA's regional sales offices. Mr. Genovese received a B.S. in Economics from Boston College and an Executive M.B.A. from Suffolk University, and is a member of several microscopy societies throughout the U.S.
Robert T. Santorelli, Chairman Emeritus & Senior Advisor
Robert T. Santorelli
Chairman Emeritus & Senior Advisor
Robert Santorelli, Chairman Emeritus, has held the positions of Chairman of the Board, President, CEO and COO during his 35-plus years at JEOL USA, Inc. Additionally, he has served as President of JEOL's subsidiary companies in Mexico and Canada.Mr. Santorelli has been instrumental in guiding the company to become a stable, well-recognized organization made up of many dedicated, long-term employees located throughout the Western Hemisphere.He began his career in the U.S. Air Force gaining technical knowledge and expertise in the area of electro optics. Bob selected a two year tour of duty in Japan and developed first hand understanding and appreciation of the Japanese people and their culture of respect and humility. He received his business education at Leslie College's Program for Business and Industry, Suffolk University, and Newbury Jr. College (Boston) and also studied at the University of Maryland Far East Asian Division (Japan).Customers, employees and colleagues have come to know Bob's counsel, dedicated to corporate values of stability, honesty and integrity. Along with his new role as Chairman Emeritus, he will serve as the Senior Advisor to support both JEOL USA and JEOL Ltd. (Tokyo) business activities.

JEOL Brasil Management Team

Executive Management Team and Board of Directors

Chris Rood, National Sales Manager
Tomoaki Mukai
Managing Director
Mr. Mukai served 5 years as Managing Director of an Australian company in Sydney, not only in management but also in sales & service support. After joining JEOL, he became experienced in sales in the academic, electronics, and semiconductor markets in the greater metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Sendai, and Osaka. Starting in 2001, he was stationed in Singapore as an overseas sales representative. Thereafter, he was in charge of sales in the Taiwan, Korea semiconductor, and academic markets while based in the Tokyo office. His purview then broadened to managing the entire Asia Pacific Area market. Since April 2023, he has been based in the São Paulo office as Managing Director for JEOL Brasil.
Chris Rood, National Sales Manager
André Maeda Oyama
André Oyama joined JEOL Brasil in 2009.

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