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NMR in Pharmaceuticals:
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Pharmaceutical NMR

Regulators now expect pharmaceutical developers to know much more about their drug compounds – and to have this information early in the development process – so NMR has been on the rise. It is usually used in parallel with Mass Spectrometry so scientists can see the structure of the drug at the same time as acquiring the mass data.

A lack of understanding of the solid-state properties of a drug can lead to major setbacks. NMR spectroscopy is relied upon to monitor the cumulative drug release, drug dissolution, and diffusion coefficient of drugs from drug delivery systems in vitro and in vivo.

With increasing pressures on pharmaceutical developers to accelerate speed to market amid growing competition and regulatory uncertainty, techniques such as NMR are providing the high quality data that is so badly needed. What’s more, the use of fluorine in small molecule drugs has increased, which has driven an uptake of NMR spectroscopy.

With more than 60 years of expertise in NMR, JEOL is well placed to support the pharma and biopharma industries with the most effective and efficient NMR consoles, probes, magnets and software available.

Quantitative Analysis by NMR

qNMR has been attracting considerable attention across a broad spectrum of chemical analytical laboratories, as it provides accurate quantitative information without the requirement of reference compounds or predetermined response factors for every analyte. Download our qNMR overview to learn about the most effective qNMR methods.

NMR systems

The ECZL series of spectrometers is equipped with Smart Transceiver System (STS), a new technology which achieves high-precision digital RF, giving superior performance to alternative NMR spectrometers.

NMR probes

JEOL has pioneered NMR probes for decades, having attained the world’s fastest spinning speed for NMR with our 0.75mm solid state NMR probe. Our latest innovation, the ROYAL HFX probe, helps pharma developers simplify spectral assignments of modern complex fluorine containing compounds.
UltraCOOL and SuperCOOL probes
Our complete family of superconducting magnets includes actively shielded magnets from 400-800 MHz, and ultra high-field magnets from 900-930 MHz.


JEOL is known among NMR users for its highly intuitive and powerful Delta NMR software. Combining sophisticated functionality with ease of use, Delta NMR offers advanced automation and a full range of functions, from acquisition, to data analysis. 

JEOL Talks to Lab Tube

Michael Frey, Analytical Instruments Product Manager, JEOL USA, Inc. spoke to Lab Tube about the ROYAL HFX Probe and how it is transforming spectral assignments in fluorine containing compounds.

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Customer Case Study


We recently spoke to a leading user of NMR (currently working on structural elucidation in the early development group of a major US-based pharmaceutical company) about the latest developments in NMR technology and how his lab is benefiting.

Download the case study for his insights.

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JEOL supports pharmaceutical developers around the world. Find out how our NMR solutions meet their needs and drive value.

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