2020 SEM/TEM/EPMA Image Contest

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What Makes a Winning Image?

A winning image requires the following attributes:

  1. Artistically or esthetically pleasing to look at (eye catching).
  2. Good composition, not unlike any piece of artwork (layout, brightness contrast, color…).
  3. Technically sound with no charging, sharp focus, no astigmatism and the correct detector and accelerating voltage (usually the lower the better).
  4. Careful and competent use of image processing and colorization.

2020 Calendar

Download the 2020 Calendar featuring winning images from the 2019 image contest. Request a printed calendar.

2020 SEM/TEM/EPMA Image Contest Winners

2020 SEM/TEM/EPMA Image Contest Entrants

TITLE: Beetle in Blue; SUBJECT: Beetle Eye colored in alcohol paint; CREDIT: Sheri Neva, Eurofins - EAG Material Science; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JEOL 6610LV
Beetle in Blue
TITLE: Nano-Jellyfish; SUBJECT: Colorized TEM image of polymeric nano-jellyfish developed via aqueous polymerization-induced self-assembly (PISA); CREDIT: Spyridon Varlas, University of Birmingham; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JEOL JEM-2100 TEM
TITLE: Caribbean Sea; SUBJECT: 150 nm of Bi deposited on Si by RF Sputtering at RT. Ocean edge effect due to release of adhesive tape used during the Bi deposit to create a step. Sand color corresponds to Si and watercolor correspond to Bi, the sample was tilted to improve the like-ocean view; CREDIT: Jesus Javier Alcantar Peña, Julian Carrillo (coloring),Edgar Sierra (deposition of Bi material), CIDESI – Queretaro; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JSM-7200F FESEM
Caribbean Sea
TITLE: ZnO star; SUBJECT: ZnO stars, multipods and ellipsoids were synthesized by mixing Zn(NO3)2 and NaOH solutions at once under stirring condition at room temperature ; CREDIT: Ravinder Singh - IISER MOHALI; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JEOL JEM-F200 TEM
ZnO star
TITLE: Diatom 1; SUBJECT: Gold sputtered diatom, 1800x at 10kV; CREDIT: Rob Flickenger; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JSM-6320F
Diatom 1
TITLE: A red pilgrim; SUBJECT: Varicose veins segment treated by sclerotherapy and a red blood cell; CREDIT: Diego Regalado, Aldenora Vasconcelos and Jander Matos, Center for Analysis of Biomedical Phenomena of the University of State of Amazonas - CMABio/UEA; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JSM-IT500HR
A red pilgrim
TITLE: Coral Reefs; SUBJECT: The structures on butterfly wings gives the feel of underwater coral reefs; CREDIT: SAURABH PARMAR, Dr.K.C.Patel R & D Center, CHARUSAT; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JEOL JSM 6010LA
Coral Reefs
TITLE: Nano-barbed wire network; SUBJECT: A carbon nanofiber composite network made through Damage Induced Surface Texturing. The image is colorized; CREDIT: Navid Namdari, University of Toledo; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JEOL JSM-7500F
Nano-barbed wire network
TITLE: New Vision; SUBJECT: Colorized SEM image of a developing eye of a 18 hrs-old zebrafish embryo (x500); CREDIT: Vijayasankar Raman, The University of Mississippi; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JSM-7200FLV
New Vision
TITLE: Surrounded; SUBJECT: Tumor cells on a myelin covered wire; CREDIT: Simone Lauciello, Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JEOL JSM-6490LA SEM
TITLE: Butterfly Wing; SUBJECT: Butterfly Wing; CREDIT: Saurabh Parmar; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JEOL JSM 6010LA
Butterfly Wing
TITLE: God is an Artist; SUBJECT: Agriculture; CREDIT: Saurabh Parmar; METHOD/INSTRUMENT: JEOL JSM 6010LA
God is an Artist
TITLE: Freestanding nano-folded Au catalyst; SUBJECT: ; CREDIT: Kam Sang Kwok, Johns Hopkins University; METHOD/INSTRUMENT:
Freestanding nano-folded Au catalyst

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